Application for watching Drakor Sub Indo for free – If you are confused about what application you want to watch Drakor with, we have a recommended application for watching Drakor with Indonesian subtitles for free, see below.

In Indonesia, watching Korean dramas is in great demand and adored by many people, including teenagers, even housewives. This is because the actors in this Korean drama series have attractive and beautiful appearances, as well as interesting enough narratives to get you into it.

you fans of Korean dramas don't need to worry if you miss an episode because you can always follow the latest dramas via the internet.

Free Korean Drama Watch Application

Because we will review some of the best free Korean drama watching applications at this time with Indonesian subtitles. This list of the best free Korean drama applications with Indonesian subtitles can save you time.

Free Korean Drama Watch Application

Nowadays K-dramas or Korean Dramas are undoubtedly a very attractive sight for some of our culture.

As a result, many people who are interested in watching Korean dramas use special software to watch these dramas. And here are some applications to watch Korean dramas for free with Indonesian subtitles:

1. Netflix

One of the best free Korean drama watching applications is Netflix. Since early 2016, this application has been available in Indonesia.

Subtitles in Indonesian can be accessed with this application. This is of course a special attraction for Netflix considering that there are still many film streaming services that do not yet include Indonesian subtitles.

2. Viu

Next, there is an application to watch Korean dramas for free with the name Viu. This application is perfect for those of you who like to watch Korean dramas.

Because this application allows you to view material so you can watch it offline to save your internet data plan. You can choose between SD (Standard Definition) and HD (High Definition) quality downloads with this app.

3. Vicki

Next, there is an application to watch Korean dramas for free with the name Viki. Yes, this application presents TV programs from China, Japan, Taiwan and Thailand.

Additional text options include English, Spanish, Chinese and many other languages. This is a very helpful application. You can get this application through the Google Play Store application on your Android smartphone.

4. Google Play Movies and Tv

Actually there are several applications for watching Drakor at the moment, one of which is Google Play Movies & Tv. Watching Korean dramas in high definition has never been easier thanks to this app. Apart from that, you can use this app to watch the latest episodes of Korean dramas.

5. SBS

SBS is one of the most popular free Korean drama watching apps in our culture. With this application, you will be able to see clear photos. In addition, this TV network broadcasts the most popular Korean reality show series, Running Man, live.

6. HOOQs

Next is the HOOQ application, this application is one of the next best free Korean drama watching applications. There are Viu options for Korean drama lovers to watch the latest Drakor films, but not that wide.


So, for you great Korean drama lovers, now you can watch Korean drama films using your Android smartphone.

Yes, the key is downloading an application called Apart from the latest Korean dramas, previously aired Korean dramas will be available in this application.

8. iFlix

iFlix is one of the next free Korean drama watching applications. App streaming services like this are growing in popularity in Southeast Asia.

Even this application will also provide K-Drama for you Korean Drama and Film fans. Apart from that, iFlix offers free access to a wide selection of Hollywood movies, which you can watch or download.

9. KBS World

KBS World is a South Korean television network that is well known for broadcasting various kinds of Korean dramas.

Many Korean drama productions have effectively attracted fans from all over the world, from Full House, Love Rain, Birth of Beauty, Oh My Venus and Descendant of Sun to the current Korean drama, Love in the Moonlight. Apart from that, KBS World is a new application that allows you to watch various kinds of Korean dramas and TV shows right on your mobile device.

1. Netflix

10.YouTube Go

If you're interested in watching Korean dramas for free, you might want to check out YouTube Go. This application is actually better known for just watching videos, but YouTube Go might be used to watch Korean dramas.

With this application, you can watch the latest and most interesting Korean drama films. To make watching Drakor even more enjoyable, this application has several useful functions.

11. Dailymotion

This application is widely used on PCs and Laptops. But now this application can also be used on the Android smartphone that you have.

To get this application, you can use the Google Play Store application. This software, like other software that allows you to watch Korean dramas for free, has many useful features to make your viewing experience more enjoyable.

12. Tube

Tubi TV is working on an application that will allow users to view various Korean films and dramas, both new and old.

As an alternative to watching Korean dramas on TV, you can use this application, which has a number of excellent features, to relax and enjoy watching Korean movies and dramas on your computer or mobile device.

13. MAXstream

Watching Korean dramas with Indonesian subtitles is easy with the free maxstream Korean drama application. Watching Korean dramas has never been easier with this software, which has many useful features.

Apart from that, by using this application you can watch Korean films with clear and sharp image quality.

14. My Drakor

This application is a free Korean drama watching application targeted for Android handsets. This application has many interesting features that make you more comfortable when watching Korean dramas with this application. Not only that, this application will also offer a series of the latest Korean dramas with sharper visuals.

15. Fiekoo

One of the programs for watching Korean dramas for free with the name Fiekoo, provides several interesting features that are cooler and more up-to-date.

Apart from that, by using this application, we can watch Korean dramas online and offline. As a result, you are binge-free watching your favorite Korean movies and dramas right now.

16. WeTV

Not only showing films from Korea, this application also displays films from China, Japan and films from other countries.

This application with the name WeTV also provides very good and very interesting features so you will watch this Korean drama with higher image quality on this WeTV application.

17. Drama Cute

So, for those of you who are new to using the application to watch Korean dramas for free, we propose to use an application called Cute Drama.

This application is certainly easy to use. In addition, the sharpness and clarity of the images produced by this application are much better.

18. iQiyi

iQiyi, a free app for watching Korean dramas, is another option. The newest and most exciting Korean films can be found in this application.

This application is also loaded with various interesting features that will make you more comfortable watching Korean films with this one application. You can also choose subtitles based on your skills using iQiyi multiplate subtitles.


In the article above, we have provided 18 applications that you can download on the Play Store or App Store and use them to watch the Korean dramas you want.

Thus the article about Applications for Watching Drakor Sub Indo for Free, I hope the article above can be helpful and useful for all of you.

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