Indonesian Online TV application – In the digital era, it's rare for people to watch TV, did you know there is an Indonesian online TV application? If you don't know it, watch this article until it's finished.

Now, people prefer to look at their cellphone screens compared to TV, many TV stations have chosen to make online TV that can be watched via your smartphone, both iOS and Android users.

Where there are lots of the best Android programs that provide the main elements of watching TV for free. Some of application this is more interesting because it is able to provide more interesting features such as good picture quality and also the Live Streaming program.

Consequently, you can use your smartphone to watch live television shows for free. This time we will present a selection of the best online TV software that you might rely on to watch various private and international TV shows.

Here's the app Online TV the best with a high rating that we propose this time. There may be many best comparable programs but not all of them are able to provide a suitable user interface for their users.

List of Online TV Applications

Below we have summarized several online TV applications, as follows:


Vidio, a smartphone application developed by PT Creative Media Karya, is the first best online TV application. Enjoy a wide variety of live television on demand any time of the day or night with this handy app. Likewise, the video program has a user-friendly layout and visually appealing options.


The next application is net, which will appeal to individuals who like to watch net tv shows. Even though this one application has a lot of eye-catching aesthetics and is also rather compact. PT Net Media Tama builds this application for its own customers and other companies.

UseeTV GO: Watch Live TV & Indonesian Videos

This program presents a lot of unique performances because it is able to display various Indonesian channels that you might watch. The UseeTV application can also be linked to a UseeTV account on the Television set. There are several Kompas TV stations to choose from, such as Trans 7, Trans TV, TVRI, TV One, and Metro TV.


The next TV watching application on this one is RCTI plus which you might be able to rely on to be able to watch TV. you will be offered a service to watch RCTI TV, so this application is reliable. The RCTI Plus application is probably the best TV viewing application for you if you like watching RCTI shows.

Viva Live Streaming tvOne & Antv

The best live streaming program that you can get for free is the Viva application. The new Viva media application is an application that contains many live streaming applications that provide many interesting channels. You can also get lots of news updates from many leading news sources.


There are many interesting shows that can be presented through Mivo, making it a good tool for watching entertaining TV. This program is also capable of displaying many unique features that you can access, of course, for free. ANTV, Trans TV, Trans7, TV One, Metro TV, NET, and other TV networks are some of the choices available to you.

Live Stream TV

Next is an excellent program that you can use to watch various interesting tv shows on your smartphone. This application is an application that has received a number of downloads of more than thousands of users. you even have 200 live tv from all countries that you can watch with up to HD resolution.

Premium Indonesian TV

Apart from that, you can watch various entertaining TV programs for free on your mobile device thanks to TV Indonesia Premium! This program will also bring a lot of convenience. This relatively new program is also only 7 Mb in size.

Indonesian TV

Next, there is the Indonesian TV application that you can download for free on the Playstore application, namely the Indonesian TV application. You will be able to watch various TV shows from all over Indonesia for free, of course.


You can also watch TV shows for free on the most popular streaming app, Youtube. Where there are lots of official Indonesian and international TV stations that you can watch for free. All major Indonesian broadcasters, such as Indosiar, Antv, RCTI, and SCTV, are represented. TVONE, MNCTV etc.


Who doesn't know Netflix, where this online TV program comes with lots of interesting shows that you can watch. However, you have to pay a one-time fee to watch this app. This application also provides many interesting impressions.


In the article above, we have provided 11 online TV applications that you can use and download from the app store or play store.

Thus the article about the Indonesian Online TV Application, I hope the article above can be helpful and useful for all of you.

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