Moving WA sticker application – As we know that there are WhatsApp stickers that can move, did you know the WA sticker application moves? If you haven't, you can read this article to the end.

WhatsApp itself is one of the most used platforms to interact with others through online services that include chat messages, video calls, send files, send pictures and even send stickers to each other for fun.

Especially now that there are more interesting aspects built into it application, especially the WA motion stickers. That way, your chat messages will look attractive.

List of Moving WA Sticker Applications

Then also, actually the WhatsApp application itself includes various interesting stickers in it, it's just that access is limited, so you can take advantage of other complementary applications.

The app is loaded with lots of stickers, specially you can then create your own stickers using personal photos. Want to know? You can see screenshots of the WA motion sticker maker application in the link below.

1. Animated Sticker Makers

Animated Sticker Maker App is the first motion sticker maker for the WA platform. As the name suggests, you can use one app to turn GIFs into stickers as you wish.

Apart from that, it has a text option which allows you to add sentences to spice up your presentation and give it a more interesting feel. The rating of this application is 4 stars with a download size of 72MB only.

Next time, you can definitely make sticker versions of your own photos. Choosing a sticker pack is the first step. After that, you can come back and choose your favorite picture.

If you are interested in adding words, please click the "Dice" symbol. Words will appear randomly, choose the word that matches the picture, then save.

2. Moving WA stickers

Plus, there are over 100,000 new stickers to choose from within the app. Then there are the stickers it offers, such as adorable boy stickers, cute girl stickers, bunny stickers, bear stickers, cat stickers and the cutest couple stickers.

Know that you can access the stickers it provides for free with amazing HD quality. The size of this application is 7.21 MB with a very decent rating of 4.6 stars.

For the process of making the sticker itself, please launch the application first. Please select the type of sticker you want, tap the sticker you want to add to WA, then click "Add to WhatsApp". After that, open WA and select the message, then click the "Emoji Icon" and select the "Sticker Icon".

3. Stickers. Iy

As well as the app itself, we highly recommend because of the many options to customize the adorable animated stickers it has.

Personalized stickers can be created using additional photos, such as the auto crop tool, which simplifies the sticker production process.

The procedure is easy; just launch the app to get started. Want a picture and crop the photo you choose.

Also add text and details, then select "Export", and the WA sticker is ready for you to use. The creators of the app have indeed achieved something extraordinary, as the app's downloads have exceeded 100 million and have received a user rating of 4.6 stars.

4. Stickers for WhatsApp

Using the Stickers for WhatsApp app, you can also create your own custom stickers. There are so many types of stickers accessible in it, that we are sure to surprise users.

For example, the stickers on offer range from the more common to the more unusual, including popular meme stickers, themed stickers, and a wide variety of sticker emotions.

5. Best Cute Hijab Islamic Stickers

This application is designed for Big Brother, because it is equipped with religious themed stickers. In addition to moral teachings related to religion, this application also provides stickers with other general subjects.

It stores a variety of sticker themes that are funny, unique and interesting besides being interesting for you to use, especially for you seniors and siblings.

6. WAsticker Apps KPOP Idol

For K-pop fans, it's very important for you to have this application, because there are lots of K-pop themed stickers that you can download, such as Black Pink stickers, BTS WhatsApp stickers, Idol Twice, and EXO. We make sure you are not ideal as a K-pop lover if you don't have this one application.

7. Wemojis

Wemoji itself is an application that produces WhatsApp stickers with very complete tooling features. the application provides a fun WA sticker producing experience. Apart from that, you can also create own photo stickers with this application.

An added plus for sticker feature builders is their accuracy which goes hand in hand with their completeness. If you are still unsure, I implore you to try it yourself.

8. Game Stickers

You also need to know that there are millions more games that provide game-themed stickers, of course, a new concept that must be recognized.

As an advantage of the availability of stickers in this application that appear comprehensive, inventive and artistic, game lovers can benefit from the WA sticker maker. Of course this applies to all WhatsApp users, not just those who play games.

You may find many types of stickers with modern cultural topics. For the types of stickers available in it, such as PUBG, GTA, LOL, to ML.

So it's very good for you gamers to form online chat rooms with other gamers and send stickers to each other according to the games in the field.

9. Stickers Cloud

More precisely, this app is said to be a sticker pack app. Here you will find various types of quality and stylish stickers.

Apart from that, you can also collect them and use them as templates. Personal stickers can be created by any user using the given templates.

It provides various kinds of stickers with contemporary themes, such as popular culture themes, from film and TV, and others. We make sure that you won't have any trouble finding stickers for today, so that the atmosphere of chat messages will be more lively.

10. StickerMaker

This Sticker Maker might be considered a sticker maker application that has features that look good. Well, in the process after that you can trim the video to produce attractive stickers. With a few simple clicks, you can turn any GIF into an animated sticker.

Users can also create their own unique stickers by combining photos from their own devices. Of course the expert tools used can make modifications to any photo, and adapt it to speed and frame rate.

This software has a good selection of tools for editing your photos and videos. It provides a number of editing effects to produce stickers with a simple approach, but the results are undeniable. Sticker Maker has an app rating of 4.5 stars and an app download of 13MB.

11. Stickotext

Last but not least is Stickotext, which is one such program that lets you create stickers with various settings.

There are a wide variety of stickers to choose from, including text stickers, hand-drawn pencil stickers, personalized sticker sets, language assistance stickers, happy birthday stickers and more. In addition, there are already produced HD sticker kits available.

More than ten million people have used Stickotext since its release. The app's star rating is 4.2, and it has a file size limit of 11 MB. It is suitable for you to use because it will not take up much space on your computer.


In the article above, we have provided 11 applications that you can download to have WhatsApp stickers that can move.

Not only that we also have other articles about cute whatsapp app which we have summarized from various sources.

Thus the article about the WA Moving Sticker Application, apart from that we also have articles how to make WA stickers move without an application, I hope the above article can be helpful and useful for all of you.

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