What is Snack Video Creator Bonus

Rancakmedia.com – As we know, Snack video has a new feature, namely the snack video creator bonus. So, what is the Snack Video creator bonus? Below, we will explain what a snack video creator bonus is, how to take part in events, and withdraw bonuses on Snack videos.

Snack Video adalah aplikasi yang sangat mirip dengan Tiktok. Serupa dengan aplikasi Tiktok, yang satu ini menawarkan aplikasi klip video pendek dari sejumlah genre hiburan.

Recently, social media users have been busy talking about the Snack Video application besides the Tiktok Lite application. How not, these two applications should be able to make money.

The Snack Video app can now be used to earn money as well as a source of comfort by simply viewing videos or referring friends to the app.

The Snack Video Bonus Creator menu may be familiar to those of you who have been using this application for a long time and now want to cash out.

What is Creator Bonus

The Snack Video Creator Bonus itself is a menu that recently appeared in the application. So, what is the function of this menu and how do you get the balance?

As a result, the Snack Video app's Creator Bonus menu has a separate section for user-generated videos. In essence, now video creators in this application can get bonus revenue.

The benefits of the Creator Bonus menu increase in proportion to the application of people who have seen your submitted movies or other things.

Anyone can join this program to earn extra money. For those of you who are curious about how, you can immediately see how to take part in the next event.

How to Join the Snack Video Creator Bonus Event

Not just any Snack Video application user can take part in this one program. Only users who have met the requirements can get this bonus.

However, the approach itself is not that difficult, to make money on this Snack Video. You only need to post at least 5 videos that have been publicly displayed within 30 days.

Then, after that, you just need to wait for Snack Video to evaluate your account. If the material you publish doesn't violate any laws or regulations, chances are you'll get approved.

This creator bonus may be yours if you accept it. To get lots of bonuses, make sure you publish your movies consistently so you can get lots of views.

How to Withdraw Video Snack Creator Bonus

Of course, to be able to withdraw the amount in the creator bonus, you must at least meet the current terms and conditions. After that, you can check your balance and make a withdrawal.

It's easy to collect your winnings from Video Maker Snack Bonus. It's as easy as clicking or tapping the Withdraw button once you've entered the Withdraw menu and selected the Bonus Generator menu.

After that, the funds will be immediately sent to the designated bank account or e-wallet. Withdrawing your own balance can only be done once a week.

The minimum amount that can be withdrawn in this creator bonus is only IDR 6 thousand. Your creator bonus balance can be withdrawn if you have more than that.


In the article above we have provided information about what a Snack Video creator bonus is, how to take part in the Snack Video creator bonus event and how to withdraw the Snack Video creator bonus.

Thus the article about What is a Snack Video Creator Bonus, I hope the article above can be helpful and useful for all of you.

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