Free Online Mental Health Checks – Have you ever had a mental health check? Mental health is very important for life, here are ways to check mental health online and for free that you can try.

Stress can strike at any time, and the mind is very easily affected by the negative forces that surround you.

Even if you try hard, you will not only earn a lot of money; You will also have many people depending on you, which will drain you psychologically.

If you just bear the brunt of that notion, without thinking about a cure, it will definitely become something that constantly bothers you. Even more so in the midst of a pandemic that has wreaked havoc on various industries and left you shaken.

Do not let your soul be sacrificed because you are used to your current affairs. We're back to showing you how to use time online to assess your mental health. Continue reading to the end.

What is Mental Health

A person's mental health is defined by as health is in a state of good mental, emotional, or social well-being. Mental health is very important in how a person thinks, behaves or how he interacts with other people.

Everyone's productivity suffers when mental health is neglected, be it young people, teenagers, adults or even the elderly. Therefore, you must be aware of mental health.

People who have a mental diet for their minds are better able to utilize their full potential in work and everyday life.

Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, he is able to overcome various situations while remaining calm and optimistic.

Causes of Mental Disorders

Many causes can trigger mental illness, including when a person suffers from certain illnesses to withstand stress.

Stress can be triggered by a traumatic event, such as being abandoned by someone who died, losing a job, or being alone for a long time.

Mental illness is also usually associated with the Covid-19 epidemic where several symptoms appear as mentioned above. Therefore, it is not surprising that mental examinations are important during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Examples of Mental Disorders

According to, there are various forms of mental illness experienced by sufferers. However, among the various varieties there are those that appear most frequently, including the following:

1. Depression

Depression is a mental health illness that disrupts the mood, causing the person to sink into deep sadness. Usually depression lasts for days, sometimes even months.

2. Schizophrenia

One of the most common mental illnesses, schizophrenia affects a person's health to function normally in the way of thinking around them. People with schizophrenia, he claims, are unable to distinguish between reality and their own delusions.

3. Excessive Anxiety

Excessive anxiety is a mental illness that causes patients to constantly feel fear and worry in carrying out their daily lives. Panic attacks that last a long time and are difficult to control are a common symptom.

4. Sleep disorders

Sleep disorders are disturbances in sleep patterns that interfere with the patient's health and quality of life. Insomnia, parasomnias and narcolepsy are just a few of the many sleep disorders that people may suffer from (it's really easy to fall asleep).

How to Check Mental Health Online

From some of the things mentioned above, it would be nice if you could see an expert or psychologist.

However, if you are worried, you can always use the online mental health check services offered by certain sites.

1. How to Check Mental Health at One Percent

One of the sites that provides mental health test services is One Percent. In it, you can answer questions that are suitable for your current condition. Please click the One Percent Mental Health Test.

2. How to check mental health together

Another resource you can use to check your mental health online is Laluibersama. This website is opened for free by Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR). To access it, you can click on the Mental Health Calculator

If you want to consult directly with a psychologist, you can try the program Halodoc, or on Play Store or Apple Store. There is a service element that offers direct contact with mental professionals.


In the article above, we not only provide a way to check mental health, but we also provide a brief understanding of what mental health is for those of you who don't know it, and also provide causes and examples of mental disorders.

Thus the article about Free Online Mental Health Checks, I hope this is useful and helps all of you, good luck and keep your mental state in check.

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