Able to Release the Cabin, the Aircraft Claims to be Safer

Can Release Cabin, Plane Claimed To Be Safer - Many airplane crashes have claimed lives. But the possibility is no longer if this new finding is implemented, in which the aircraft cabin containing passengers can be released when something happens in flight.

An aircraft mechanic named Tatarenko Vladimir Nikolaevich, came up with the idea. If for example the plane is about to fall, then the cabin will be separated from the plane and some of the parachutes above it will immediately inflate.

The parachute will make the plane land safely. To make the landing run smoothly, the lower side of the plane is accompanied by a balloon that will inflate when the plane lands on land or water.

The technology is believed to be applicable and has the potential to save many lives. But according to Taratenko, the main stumbling block is the enormous cost.

It was also confirmed that the system experiment would take a long time before it could be mass-produced. And the shippers might not be interested because such a cabin would reduce the number of seats and increase fuel consumption.

Some netizens also doubted whether this idea could become a fact. "While this is a phenomenal idea it would be prohibitively expensive and add significantly to the cost for the customer," noted one comment.

In addition, even though accidents sometimes occur, transportation by airplane is the safest compared to land or sea vehicles. Until such an idea may be seen as unnecessary.

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