How to Download the Alfamikro Application for Android – Did you already know Alfamart's latest application last year? Alfamart made the Alfamikro application, here's how to download the Alfamikro application for Android users.

As part of Alfamart's ongoing efforts to provide the best service to its customers, Alfamart has started offering various payment alternatives.

Menawarkan aplikasi yang dapat digunakan untuk memfasilitasi transaksi konsumen. Alfamart sendiri menyediakan aplikasi Alfagift yang memiliki beberapa kemampuan untuk berbelanja di Alfamart.

This application makes it easy for customers to buy customers from Alfamart while offering various additional savings.

Recently, a number of netizens have been shocked by the name of the new Alfamart 2021 application, which has just been published. Are you curious about the name of the application? Rather than speculate, consider the data presented below.

Alfamicro application

Last year's newest Alfamart application name was Alfamikro. The application of this application is completely different from Alfagift. The Alfamikro application is specifically for MSME business actors who have businesses so they can receive the materials or commodities needed at a reasonable cost.

Therefore, for those of you who have a business or as an MSME business actor. You can immediately try using this one application to get a cheaper price.

The Alfamikro application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for free. Those of you who want to open files can do so using this application. The following link will take you directly to the app download page.

How to Download the Alfamikro Application

Alfamikro will soon be available for download from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. That application, if you are interested in getting it, you only need to look for it in one of these applications.

The App Store still doesn't include this app, which means iOS users will have to wait a little longer to try it out. The app is currently available for download for Android users.

For those of you looking to save money on your business supplies, this section is for you. The Alfamikro application can be found and downloaded directly from Google Play Store.

Before you download the application, it would be nice if you knew the many features offered in this application. What are the features? Here's the review.

Alfamicro Application Features

It's not just about promoting products and services from small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to larger businesses. The Alfamikro application also contains several additional functions, including the following:

  1. Facilitating procurement of wholesale and retail products by small and medium enterprises (SMEs)
  2. Orders can be shipped and even receive free shipping
  3. Get notifications when new offers and items become available
  4. Increase your income by using BPJS, credit payment services, or electricity tokens
  5. Obtaining venture funding now can be paid over time
  6. The payouts are simple and inexpensive

As a result, you are already familiar with the app's capabilities. Now are you interested in getting this Alfamikro application? Let's download the application using the link above!


In the article above we have provided a download link for those of you who want to have the Alfamikro application, besides that we also provide features that you can use in the Alfamikro application.

Thus the article about How to Download the Alfamikro Application for Android and iOS, I hope it can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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