Application to View the Ring Solar Eclipse – If you are curious to see an annular solar eclipse, you can download an application to view an annular solar eclipse.

The lunar eclipse just happened. This eclipse, which is classified as rare, has been eagerly awaited by a number of people. After all, it only happened once every few years.

Now the solar eclipse will also be visible from a number of regions of the world. Unfortunately, Indonesia will not be able to see the solar eclipse this year. So where can you watch it?

When does an annular solar eclipse occur

This annular solar eclipse in 2021 can be seen directly or directly using application which we will recommend in this article to view the annular solar eclipse.

When does an annular solar eclipse occur?

When the annular solar eclipse occurs is a question that makes a number of people very enthusiastic about the occurrence of this rare natural phenomenon.

On June 10 2021, around 16.00 WIB, there will be an annular solar eclipse. GMC itself may be experienced directly in a number of countries, but not in Indonesia.

The new annular solar eclipse will be visible to the people of Indonesia until 2 August 2027, while a partial solar eclipse will only be visible on 12 July 2028.

For those of you who are interested in seeing this Ring Solar Eclipse directly in other countries. View the 2021 annular solar eclipse using this app.

Application to Know the Ring Solar Eclipse

You may see the rare occurrence of this Ring Solar Eclipse live on social media platforms like Youtube or other applications by listening to live streaming broadcasts.

Usually, many people use applications to find out about this Ring Solar Eclipse to prevent direct eye contact with sunlight by using applications such as the camera.

But because of this Ring Solar Eclipse, you can't see it directly in Indonesia. We can view an annular solar eclipse on YouTube or other video-sharing applications.


In the article above, we can find out which applications can be used to see an annular solar eclipse and when it will occur.

Thus the article about the application to see the ring solar eclipse, hopefully it can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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