How to See Photo Proof of Courier Delivery at Shopee – Many want to know the photos of the courier taken when receiving the package, there is a way to see photos of proof of courier delivery at Shopee, see the full article below.

Why is it so sought after now and why is it so important? Maybe for you this is irrelevant, but for certain individuals who are active on social media this is something that must be known.

Maybe now someone knows that all this time there have been photos of proof of delivery taken by the courier and you can see them. That's one of the pluses of this trend, but that's not all.

Consequently, to fully understand and avoid missing anything, let's have a look at all the ongoing debates.

What is Shopee Courier Photo

No, the photo of the Shopee courier is not a photo of the photo that delivered our box; it's just documentation of courier activity in the courier process.

The idea is that once the courier arrives at your door, he will hand over your package while clicking and sending photos as actual documentation.

In rare cases, the courier will ask to take a picture of us before sending the package. The courier will take photos of the package with us or only the package.

The captured image will then be uploaded to the program and you can view the photos so far. In other words, you are not only notified that the shipment has been sent.

This way, even when we, the package owners, are not at home, the customers application Shopee can rely on and feel safe about the status of the package.

Because it could be that the recipient is not you, it could be a neighbor or anyone in your house and you can find out through photographic evidence.

When Can I See Proof of Shopee Delivery?

You can see the proof in the Shopee application, the method will be explained below. You can check it at any time and from any location after the shipment has been delivered.

However, if you can't see photo documentation, it's possible that the courier didn't take the picture or hasn't reached the package owner. If that's the case, then after that you can verify additional proof of delivery such as receipt numbers and so on.

At the moment, original documentation like this isn't much of a problem, but if you need it, maybe you can ask the courier to take photos first.

Shopee Courier Photo Trend

For users of the Tiktok program, of course, they already know this trend. For those who don't know, this is a trend where content must be accompanied by photos of courier delivery photos.

This content trend is all about comparing photos taken by couriers with photos taken by friends. The content is often better photos taken by couriers than those taken by friends.

Producing something like this is not only entertaining, but also arousing the curiosity of the people who will create it. This mode seems to be a satirical jab at your friends who, while taking photos, act as if they don't understand what they are doing.

How to See Photo Proof of Delivery at Shopee

Here's how to view Shopee courier photos using the app:

  1. Download first Shopee application on PlayStore and launch the app then login to your account
  2. After that, click on my menu in the lower right corner with a human-like image symbol
  3. Then select View Order History or on Rate
  4. The next step is to choose the order in which you want to view the photo evidence
  5. Then press the word 'view' which is on the top right and is usually green
  6. And also click View Proof of Order to view photos
  7. Finally, a proof photo will be displayed and you can download the photo or you can simply take a screenshot

That's how to get a photo, how simple isn't it and it turns out you can see it all along.


In the article above, we have provided information about what a Shopee Courier photo is, when you can see it, Shopee Courier photo trends, and how to view proof of delivery photos.

Now, many TikTok residents are making a photo trend of receiving packages that are photographed by couriers combined with their own V-cell photos.

Thus the article on How to See Photo Proof of Courier Delivery at Shopee, I hope the above article can be helpful and useful for you, good luck.

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