How to Get Free Quota on Indosat – There are several ways to get free quota on Indosat that you need to do. Indosat Ooredoo is one of the telecommunication service providers for cellular phone users in Indonesia since its establishment in 1967.

Indosat Ooredoo has spread throughout the archipelago through IM3 Ooredoo products. More than 60 million people will use Indosat services in 2020. The many bonuses and free quota are one of the reasons

List of Ways to Get Free Quota

There are several secret codes that allow us to get free quota from Indosat. We can practice some of them as follows:

1. 30GB Free Quota Per Month

First, we are fiancé students, and second, we use IM3 cards. This 30GB monthly quota is enough to support our online teaching and learning activities.

There are many steps you can take:

  1. IM3 card is recommended
  2. Register your IM3 card at school
  3. Make sure the Dapodik application has registered your card
  4. you will get this quota soon
  5. This quota can only be used to open educational applications

2. 30GB Free Quota for Online

For this strategy, we can use additional IM3 or Indosat cards. You only need to enter a few codes to get free quota to support internet activities. How to? Here are the steps:

  1. Open your smartphone menu and enter *123*369#
  2. Follow the on screen instructions
  3. Download the My IM3 application and register your number
  4. Look for a 30GB free quota in the application

3. 3GB Free Quota Per Month

The second way to get free quota from Indosat is by creating a CIMB Niaga account and then activating CIMB Niaga On Account.

By registering for a CIMB Niaga On Account, you are entitled to get a monthly internet allowance of up to 3 GB for free.

The only month to get a 30-day free internet quota is to consistently have a positive daily balance and make at least three transactions every month.

4. Indosat 4G 10GB Free Quota

In addition, we can get free 4G and 10GB quota. you don't need to install the MyIm3 program to receive it. However, the condition is that the number used is still 3G. This free quota is just a gift after you upgrade your card to 4G. With this way:

  1. Open the message menu and send an SMS with the text "4G" (without quotes) to number 363
  2. Indosat will send a confirmation SMS after your number is upgraded to 4G.
  3. Later you will get a free 4G quota of 10GB

5. Free 4G 14GB Indosat Quota

Free quota of up to 14GB is also provided by Indosat. To get Indosat's free 4G quota up to 14GB, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the dial phone menu then type *363*100# click call and wait a moment
  2. Then, a notification will appear in the form of several internet package options
  3. Write number 6 and send
  4. Continue by entering number 1, send
  5. If you're lucky, you can get internet quota up to 14GB which is indicated by a reply in the form of an SMS stating that the 14GB package is active.


In the article above we have provided information on how to get free quota on Indosat, we provide 5 ways you can try to get free quota.

Thus the article about How to Get Free Quota on Indosat, I hope the article above can be useful and help all of you.

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