How to Register a Sympathy Card for New and Old Users – As we know, the use of the card must be registered. If you haven't registered yet, use the sympathy card registration method for new and old users in this article.

This has become a mandatory regulation that was directly formulated by the government in Kominfo Regulation No. 12/2016.

The purpose of these restrictions is to prohibit abuse and prevent fraud by phone calls or text messages.

Therefore, it is important for all Simpati card users to know how to register their card.

Usually, provider card registration is done by entering multiple identifications, such as name, NIK, number and KK.

However, the registration process varies from one service provider to the next. As a result, to register a Simpati card, users must follow certain instructions.

Simpati cards cannot be used for the services offered if the registration process fails.

List of Simpati Card Registration Methods for New and Old Users

New and old Simpati Card users must prepare data in the form of KTP and Family Card as a prerequisite for registration procedures using a Simpati Card.

If you are a new Simpati card user, list these steps to prepare:

  1. Type REG NIK# KK# number
  2. Send to 4444
  3. Example: REG 1234567890101011#12345678900987654#

If you are an old user, this is the procedure you need to follow:

  1. RE-type NIK# KK# number
  2. Send to 4444
  3. Example: REPEAT1234567890101011#12345678900987654#

How to Check Registered Numbers

A confirmation SMS will be sent to Simpati card users after the registration process has been successfully completed.

However, due to a technical failure, notification text messages may not arrive in the inbox.

If you come across such a challenge, don't panic, because you can verify the registration status separately.

The way to find out if your Simpati card registration has been successful is to follow these instructions:

  1. Phone or call *444#
  2. Registration menu options, such as registering, checking your registration status, and using UNREG, will then be made available to you. To see the current status, select number 2, then click submit
  3. You will be asked to enter your KTP or NIK number. Press the Send button
  4. The final step is to wait for information about your registration status. Information regarding the date and time of card registration is available if it has been registered. A notification explaining that the card has not been registered will be displayed otherwise


In the article above, we have provided a way to register a sympathy card for old and new users. Apart from that, we have also provided an article on how to check a registered number.

Thus the article on How to Register a Sympathy Card for New and Old Users, I hope the article above can be useful and help all of you.

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