Download the Bareksa Application and its Use – The more technology develops, the easier it is for you to invest. You can download the Bareksa application that has been approved by the OJK.

Bareksa also offers state securities (SBN) and gold apart from mutual funds. All transactions are carried out online by downloading applications from the Playstore. To register, you only need an existing E-KTP/Passport and NPWP.

How to Register and Download the Bareksa Application

The first step to start investing, you have to download the application in the Playstore. Enter Bareksa in the search bar or Click here to go directly to the page.

After it appears, click download. Then launch the app and follow below steps for registration:

  1. Click the Login icon, then select New Register to create an account.
  2. Enter the NIK for Indonesian Citizens or Passport Number for Foreigners in the column provided.
  3. Complete other data such as name, date of birth, religion and gender. Then upload a photo or scan of an existing KTP.
  4. If you want to become an SBN investor, select Yes and upload the NPWP file.
  5. Enter the promo code in the Referral Code column (if any).
  6. Complete address data and supporting data in the form of employment, education, income so that Bareksa can provide the right investment recommendations.
  7. Select No for American citizens or Green Card holders.
  8. Fill in the risk profile correctly. Choose a low risk profile if you don't like investments that have big risks, a moderate risk profile if you can accept a little risk, a high risk profile if you want to take big risks in an investment.
  9. Enter the code sent via SMS then select
  10. Enter your account data to send capital and receive transaction results. Your data will appear, if it is appropriate, click it
  11. Check the Terms and Conditions, then create an electronic signature in the box provided.
  12. Wait for verification to be completed by the Bareksa team within 1×24 hours. You can transact if the account opening is approved.
  13. Notifications will be sent via e-mail. You can already use the best stock mutual fund application.

How to Buy Products at Bareksa

After registering, you can't wait to buy investment products. To make a purchase, here's how:

  1. First log in to your account via the Bareksa application.
  2. Select More, filter mutual funds according to the criteria you are looking for.
  3. After a list of mutual funds appears, select Buy.
  4. Enter the nominal amount of the purchase.
  5. Tick the statement then click confirm.
  6. Transfer funds to the account listed within 1 x 24 hours and don't forget to enter the order number.
  7. Finally, upload proof of payment.
  8. Purchases will be processed a maximum of 1×24 hours during working days. A Transaction Confirmation Letter from the Custodian Bank will be sent to you if all processes are correct. You already have an investment in the best stock mutual fund application.

Safe Investment Tips for Beginners

Beginners usually have their own fears when they start investing. Identifying a person's risk profile is a good first step for beginners.

The risk profile is the risk that you can tolerate when a loss occurs. Investments in money market mutual funds and government securities carry little risk and are insured by the government.

Mixed funds may be a good choice for moderate investors because they provide product diversification by dividing the portfolio across several types of mutual funds.

Investors who want a high risk profile may consider equity or stock mutual funds. Because the return is quite large, but it also has a significant danger. Stocks are a tool for long term investment.

With the rise of digital banking, it should make you wiser in using it. Investing in top stock mutual fund apps, such as the Bareksa apk, is one way to achieve this.


In the article above, we have provided how to register and download the Bareksa application, how to buy products at Bareksa and safe investment tips for beginners.

Thus the article about Downloading the Bareksa Application and Its Use, I hope the article above can be helpful and useful for all of you.

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