Here's How to Download Instagram Reels Without an Application - Many already know that Instagram has the newest feature, namely Instagram Reels, here's how to download Instagram reels without an application that rarely people know.

After its recent debut, Instagram's new feature, Instagram Reels, has caught the interest of its users. Unfortunately, not many know how to download Instagram Reels videos.

Reels, Instagram's take on TikTok and SnackVideo, has a number of features in common with both application the.

The Reels feature on Instagram allows users to produce a variety of video materials in just 15 seconds.

Reels Instagram Vs TikTok

Instagram reels are very similar to TikTok ones in terms of style and features included. Just like TikTok, users can create short videos (15 seconds) and share them with viewers around the world.

You can also use all the usual AR effects you see in insta stories here. And even better, there is a feature to add songs from well-known artists.

In order to view other users' reel materials, a special website has also been created. you just need to swipe up to view additional videos, just like TikTok.

The download button is the only difference between the two. It is true that you can download videos from TikTok and save them directly to your gallery. When on Instagram you will not find a download button.

So can Instagram video reels be saved in the phone gallery? Of course you can, but it's a bit difficult. Here we explain in detail for you.

How to Download Instagram Reels Without Application

You can use any number of Instagram downloader reels to download Instagram video reels.

Since it is a web-based service, this Instagram reels downloader eliminates the need for additional software. With this way:

  1. Open Instagram
  2. Find the Instagram video reels that you want to download
  3. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner and copy the link
  4. Now open one of the following websites:
    instasave. website/reels-video-downloader
  5. Paste the reels link in the column provided
  6. Click Download Now
  7. The video you want to save will be displayed, press download again
  8. Wait for the download process
  9. After the download is complete, the video will automatically be saved in your mobile gallery


In the article above, we have provided a way to download Instagram reels, as well as a download link for Instagram reels that you can try.

Thus the article about Here's How to Download Instagram Reels Without Application, we hope the article above can be useful and help you all, good luck.

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