How to Check Telkomsel Numbers on Cellphones – Many people think that a number they don't know can't be returned, it turns out you can find out how to check a Telkomsel number on a cell phone, see this article.

Mobile numbers tend to be easy to remember for most people. People may forget numbers for many reasons, such as the fact that they have an excessive number of numbers in their head.

Not remembering your own mobile number is quite difficult, especially if it's not stored in your contacts or your family and friends don't know the number. So, how can you check the phone number you are using?

Especially for Telkomsel customers, especially US, Simpati, Loop and kartuHALO users, there are 3 ways to check your personal telephone number. Here's a little extra info:

How to Check Telkomsel Numbers Using USSD Codes

One approach to checking a Telkomsel number is to enter the USSD code in the phone dialer. Simply make a call to *808# via a cellphone that has a Telkomsel SIM card filled with the number in question

Telkomsel number information will be displayed via a pop-up notice. User can save it by taking screenshot.

In addition, Telkomsel will automatically send an automatic SMS from number 98888 including information on the cell phone number being used.

Checking Telkomsel numbers will incur a fee of 100 rupiah for prepaid and postpaid users, which will be taken from your credit card.

This fee includes 10 percent VAT. To check Telkomsel numbers, users must have a minimum credit balance equal to the selected rate.

How to Check Telkomsel Numbers with the MyTelkomsel Application

Application MyTelkomsel also allows you to check your Telkomsel number. Users can see Telkomsel numbers on their homepage or homepage. You can find it in the upper left corner of the main screen of the application at the very top.

How to Check Telkomsel Numbers with Operator Assistance

Users have the option to seek assistance from the operator in addition to the two options listed above. For Simpati, KartuAS and Loop users, you can call the call service at number 188.

This service is not free for prepaid members, so make sure you have enough credit before making a call.

Then Halo card users can call 133 to connect to customer support. Especially for Halo users, this service is free.

Telkomsel users abroad can call +628110000333 to contact customer support.

No Telkomsel SIM card in Indonesia? Call the national telephone number 08071811811 instead. SIM cards from other cellular providers can also be used to call this number.


Thus the article How to Check Telkomsel Numbers on Cellphones which you can use if your number is lost or even deleted. Hopefully this article can be helpful and useful for all of you.

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