Biznet Mass Down Zoom Cannot be accessed – It turns out that Biznet's cable internet service is experiencing a mass downtime, so that Zoom and other internet-based applications cannot be used by those affected by the blackout. Suddenly, many people protested on social media Twitter.

Biznet's decline was initially reported by the Twitter account Fing Internet Alert or @outagedetect, according to information obtained by the Telset team, Monday (7/3/202).

The account that regularly posts information about internet disruptions reports that Biznet's internet network experienced a disruption around 10.40 WIB.

Semarang, Sukabumi, and Jakarta are distractions for the current round of riots. "Internet #outage detected: #Biznet at #Indonesia since 10:40am, hitting area #Semarang #Sukabumi #Jakarta +1," tweeted Fing Internet Alert.

Users Complain Because Biznet Down Mass

Biznet users, apart from those receiving Fing Internet Alerts, have provided information about the outages they experienced. For example, a complaint from the account @pizzaaddictt_ who reported that he was late for online lessons via Zoom due to disruptions to the Biznet network.

"Sen, I'm sorry Biznet is really slow today, how come the training was too late to zoom in zzz," complained @pizzaaddictt_.

Almost the same complaint was also made by the account @YehezGun which described in detail the disturbance he was experiencing. He said the problem started when he tried to use Zoom or application other googles.

There is no distraction when using social media apps like Instagram and Twitter.

“Anyone use Biznet too? Wow... how strange. go to google for a very long time, until the online zoom cuts out repeatedly. Ade, I also Zoom, suddenly lost connection, but strangely accessing social media like Twitter, IG is exactly like that. There are certain URLs that seem to be banned or become laggy," he said.

Apart from not being able to use Zoom and other applications, Biznet's blackout also restricted customers from downloading applications quickly.

“After just half an hour, the download doesn't work 🙁 huu biznet :(,” commented @uricznies.

The Telset team has contacted Biznet Networks Corporate Communication, Dionny Jatin. Until this news was published, there has been no official statement from the corporation regarding the inconvenience experienced by Biznet today.


Biznet's mass blackout affected users in Jakarta, Semarang, Sukabumi and Jakarta. Zoom and other internet-based applications cannot be used by those affected by the outage.

This outage was first reported by the Twitter account Fing Internet Alert or @outagedetect on Monday (7/3/202). The Telset team has contacted Biznet Corporate Communication for further information.

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