How to Track a Lost Cellphone Using IMEI and Applications – Many don't know how to track a lost cellphone using IMEI and third-party applications. When your cellphone is lost, either because it was kidnapped or dropped, you will definitely feel quite scared. Especially if there is a lot of important info and contacts in it.

When your cellphone is lost, the first step you take will of course be trying to find a way to track it. It is possible to trace the current location of a lost cell phone by searching for the IMEI number on the cell phone.

List of Ways to Track a Lost Cellphone Using an Application

Here Rancak Media will recommend ways to track lost cellphones using IMEI and third party applications, including:

1. Where's My Droid

You can use this Android app to track a lost phone. This application offers advanced capabilities that can track the location of your cell phone using GPS.

This app tells you whether the stolen phone is running out of battery life as well as its current position. You'll even get notifications when a thief swaps the SIM cards on your phone.

2. Find My Device

Find My Device is the second option for tracking misplaced smartphones. It is one of the most used apps to track lost Android phones.

This app not only helps you find your misplaced phone, but also allows you to lock it remotely, reducing the risk of something terrible happening.

Apart from reducing the possibility of damage, another priority is maintaining privacy and important data on HP.

As you all know, HP is currently a tool for storing various vital items.

When your cellphone is lost, you only need to launch Discover My Device in the browser, and the application will automatically find the position of the lost cellphone. As long as the lost phone has an internet connection.

3. Find My iPhone

For iPhone owners, you can also download an application to track your lost cell phone, especially Discover My iPhone, which can also locate your cell phone using GPS.

Also keep in mind that the police and contact center providers can help you track down a lost cellphone in addition to various IMEI-based applications.

The lost IMEI number and mobile number can be sent to the police and call center manufacturers for tracking purposes. Those parties will follow up with tracking.


Thus the article on how to track a lost cellphone using IMEI and applications, we hope that after reading the article above, it can help all of you to find your lost cellphone again, hope this is useful and good luck.

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