How to Overcome iPhone Cannot Update Applications – For how to deal with an iPhone unable to update applications, you don't need to panic because it turns out that there are several causes that often trigger this. You just need to do some simple steps to solve it.

As we all know, there are several advantages to keeping your iPhone up to date. There are usually a number of security fixes included in a single update. This is of course very useful for securing your cellphone from irresponsible people.

Usually updates run in no time. But if the update process is delayed and doesn't finish after business hours, there might be a problem. Before you can decide on a solution, you must first understand the problem.

List of Ways to Overcome Iphone Cannot Update Applications

When you update your iPhone and the problem develops. The first step to do is to know the problem itself.

Only then can we take appropriate therapy according to the problem or obstacle. Here are some of the problems that usually appear when iPhone is ready to update

  1. Wrong Apple ID
  2. Bad internet signal
  3. Internet quota runs out
  4. Insufficient storage
  5. There was a crash on the file you downloaded

Some of these causes usually appear on iPhone users. To combat this there are some basic steps that can be followed. Here's what we can say right now to explain things:

1. Make sure you are using the correct Apple ID

It is very important that you verify your Apple ID before performing any updates to your iPhone or its apps. Renewable Apple IDs are IDs that have been previously downloaded.

In other words, be careful to use the same Apple ID you used before.

Errors in this situation may result in a failure in the update process or may not update at all.

2. Turn off the Restriction feature

Many advanced capabilities are available on the iPhone. One of them is feature limitation or restriction. This service allows you to disable the functionality of application which has the potential to interfere with iPhone performance.

Often these photo borders have problems with the update process. If your iPhone won't update apps due to restrictive settings, the first thing you should do is turn it off.

The approach is pretty easy too, Go to the settings on your iPhone, then look for this limiting feature and the slide switch becomes off.

3. Log out Apple ID from the app and log in again

Invalid traffic within the application is another common error problem. The only way to fix it is to log out and log back in.

Reopen the app from scratch. After logging back in, you should be able to complete the update process.

4. Free Up Storage Space

If the reason for iPhone not updating is storage full. The best course of action is to create more space on the iPhone itself for apps and data. You can delete it or transfer it to a Flashdisk.

5. Restart your iPhone

Some of the methods above don't produce the maximum effect, another thing you might do is restart the iPhone.

This will restore the iPhone's performance to its initial level and speed up the update process that is currently being carried out

6. Check Internet Connection

Another possible action is to verify the internet connection. Make sure you only update when you have a reliable internet connection. Otherwise, the update file will crash because it doesn't download smoothly.


Make sure to do some of the steps above when problems occur in the application update process on the iPhone. Just try one by one, we guarantee that the problem with the iPhone unable to update applications will be resolved soon.

This is an article on how to deal with an iPhone unable to update applications, I hope the article above can be useful and good luck.

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