How to Use the Uber Application Easily and Quickly – Many ask how to use the Uber application? You don't need to worry because this article is the solution. Before knowing how to use the Uber application, we will briefly provide information about the Uber application.

About the Uber App

Uber is a popular app in the United States and elsewhere. This application just entered Indonesia in 2016.

Uber X, an online taxi service with private vehicles (MPV or family cars) and premium rates, is one of several service options available in Jakarta from Uber.

For Uber's premium service, Uber Black, the Toyota Kijang Innova is considered the "worst" car. Other cars commonly used by Uber Black include the Toyota Alphard, Mercedes Benz, and many more.

Apart from Uber X and Uber Black, there is also an Uber Pool in Jakarta. Using this service, a group of two or more people can travel together to the same location.

As a result, you will be driving the same vehicle as other passengers who share your final destination. Uber Pool rates are projected to be lower than Uber X.

Traditional taxi drivers and businesses in Indonesia are outraged by Uber's arrival. The reason is, Uber is considered a public transportation that does not pay taxes like ordinary taxi companies in general. In fact, Uber fares should be several times lower than normal taxis.

Despite Uber's problems, this application is still preferred by many users of public transportation because it is considered cheaper and more convenient. The use of modern Uber Taxi is also seen as practical and up-to-date.

Difference between Uber Taxi and GrabCar

Uber's main rival is GrabCar. Even though Uber was first present in Indonesia, GrabCar has also grown very message in a relatively short time. The difference between Uber Taxi and GrabCar lies in the fare calculation.

With GrabCar, you can see the full cost of your purchase before starting the ordering application, so you don't have to guess how much it will cost to pay for your order.

While Uber Taxi only provides fare predictions. In other words, the rates may be lower or more expensive.

A number of issues that might make Uber's calculated price more expensive include traffic jams or the driver choosing a route that is longer or not the same as that directed by Uber's GPS.

Download the Uber App

Download Here

How to Use the Uber App

Downloading and installing the Uber app on your smartphone is a simple process. After that, you can use the Uber application by creating a username and password.

After you register, don't forget to provide your contact information and complete photo. If everything is in order, you can use the Uber motorcycle app or Uber taxi.

To use this application, you only need to open the Uber application on your smartphone then enter your username and password at the beginning.

If this is the case, you can proceed as follows:

  1. As a first step, you can first determine the vehicle you want to use, such as whether you want to use an Uber motorbike, Uber taxi or Uber X.
  2. Touch each trip option to see the waiting time, passenger capacity, and also the price you have to pay.
  3. Next, determine your pick-up point using the application that is already installed on your cellphone.
  4. Touch message > partner > driver then the Uber driver will arrive at your pick-up point in a matter of minutes.
  5. When you are going to travel, you can see contact information for Uber driver partners and details of the vehicle used in the Uber application.
  6. So you will know you have entered the most appropriate vehicle to take you to your destination.
  7. After arriving at your destination, you can immediately pay for your travel expenses according to what is stated on the application that you have used.
  8. Furthermore, you can also rate the driver who has taken you in the Uber application.

The method above is a method that you can use to order an Uber vehicle so they can take you to your destination.


Thus the article on how to use the Uber application easily and quickly, we hope you can understand after reading how to use the Uber application above.

Hopefully this article can be useful and can help you all, good luck.

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