Frequently Used Office Applications – Office applications that are frequently used below can make it easier for you to perform various office tasks more efficiently and productively. So, what are the most frequently used office applications today?

This task must be completed quickly and smoothly in accordance with the times that are so fast. Understand the meaning of the word “career”, which refers to the set of skills and accomplishments that a person acquires through work. Of course you don't want your career to stagnate.

Skills and achievements are required to support a career. Especially in the era of digital technology as it is now demanding that every job be done quickly and efficiently.

No more work items being obstructed by things or things. To help this task is also supported by various application such as online attendance applications and so on.

Abilities and talents are very important for a worker or job seeker. Anyone with a job seeks to grow in their position.

Career is achievement in work that can generate and increase satisfaction. Careers start with success, with growing and increasing achievements, there will be many new things that can be learned at work including the application of payslips.

List of Office Applications that are Frequently Used

Below are several office applications that are often used, including the following:

Microsoft WordOffice

It seems that Microsoft Word Office is one of the most used office applications in the world today.

Whether it's office workers or elementary and middle school kids, everyone has unique challenges. Microsoft word office is one of the items that must be carried out by these organizations considering its very vital function in their work.

Word on the Go was originally part of the Office Mobile bundle which has been available since 1996. Word mobile is a data processing application that performs the same as the Microsoft word version.

Now, this word mobile will be able to make basic adjustments to paper and can save all types of documents in different formats. Rich text formats, script files, Microsoft DOC formats, and so on are examples of this file type.

Word mobile can also insert photos, lists, and tables into documents, but images inserted into documents that Microsoft Word will change or update are simply not allowed to copy and paste. cellular word


Furthermore, the second office application that many people already know is Microsoft Excel. Well, Microsoft Excel also offers a mobile version of Excel where this application has been incorporated into the mobile office since the beginning of the existence of this mobile office.

Excel mobile is an application that consists of a spreadsheet which is very compatible with Microsoft Excel and is able to provide facilities for creating new books, editing, saving documents in Microsoft format, namely "xls".

Excel Mobile can also perform cell editing, basic calculations, and charting and graphing. Well, because this excel phone works on a low resolution screen, this excel phone can finally run in full screen mode.

Apart from this mobile excel, mobile excel is also capable of filtering data, as well as a divider panel so you can see various areas of a sheet or worksheet at once. How? That's pretty cool, huh?

Microsoft PowerPoint

Furthermore, the third most popular office application is Microsoft PowerPoint. Well, this mobile power point really has been included in a series of mobile office packages, whose release has been committed to Windows Mobile 5.0 since then.

This mobile power point is an application that is used to present or display a presentation document made by Microsoft power point.

However, this mobile PowerPoint has a difference when compared to Word and Excel mobile which incidentally can be edited again, this PowerPoint cannot be edited again and is only able to show percentages.

Office Suite or PDF Editor

Office suite will be the next discussed application in our series of office applications. Well, this office suite is a cross-platform based office application where this application is designed by a mobisystems.

This office suite offers unique versions for android, iOS, and Microsoft windows (PC) and adds extensive PDF capabilities to improve compatibility by taking advantage of the most widely used file formats in Microsoft office by the public.

More than 220 million people have downloaded this office suite from Google Play, making it one of the most popular business apps on Android.

WPS Office

WPS Office is an office application that was formerly known as Kingsoft Office. Well, WPS itself basically stands for writer, presentation, and spreadsheets, and provides application facilities that can be used to open documents from local sources and access files stored in the user's storage.

For security reasons, this application also provides provision and provision of passwords for certain files that you want to take advantage of. So that way, you don't have to worry about whether there are papers that contain your personality.


Polaris Office also contains office applications that offer various functions for use in reading, viewing, editing, and storing all kinds of documents anywhere and anytime.

In terms of file types, Polaris Office is well equipped for everything from Word and WordPerfect to PowerPoint and PowerPointXL and even PDF. Polaris Office can handle it all.

Another benefit of the Polaris office look is that it looks more application friendly and more enjoyable to use. This application also provides a cloud drive where this drive is specifically for the Polaris application itself. How? That's pretty cool, huh?


So, those are some office applications that are often used by the public lately. For those of you who are confused about looking for office applications, you don't need to worry anymore, because you can use these 6 applications easily.

Hopefully the above article can be useful and a reference for all of you, good luck.

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