5 Steps to Chat on Whatsapp Web Without Saving Mobile Numbers

5 Steps to Chat on Whatsapp Web Without Saving Mobile Numbers – Here are the steps to chat on WhatsApp Web without saving your cellphone number. WhatsApp is the program most often used to send messages. Most mobile users download the WhatsApp program on their devices. Because WhatsApp is claimed to be a chat program with the most number of users in the world, namely 2 billion accounts.

With a large number of users, of course we have to save someone's telephone number before being able to contact them via WhatsApp.

This problem is often experienced, especially for WhatsApp Web users. This is because not all contacts in the telephone book are people who are frequently contacted.

So if you have to save everyone's number, it will actually just fill up the phone's memory. Therefore, this time, we have a guide and tricks so that you can send messages on the WhatsApp site, you don't need to save your telephone number.

Open Search Program

-The first step you need to do is open a browsing program on the desktop.
-You are free to use anything, for example Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer.

Click WhatsApp Web

After opening the site, you can write in the search field with the keyword "WhatsApp Web". Then, select the WhatsApp Web site which is at the very top of your desktop screen.

Login WhatsApp Website

Next, enter your WhatsApp account on your cellphone to the WhatsApp Site using the QR Code. The trick is to immediately turn on 'Scan QR' in the menu in the WhatsApp smartphone program.

Create New Tab

Next create a new tab separate from the previous WhatsApp Web site. Its function is to make it easier for you to switch between monitors.

Write down Address and Telephone Number

After you have entered WhatsApp and open a new tab. So now you can immediately write down the web address wa.me/(mobile number) of the person you want to contact.
It should be noted, if you need to write down the WhatsApp number using the country code. So for Indonesian numbers, you can use "+62" for the initial number alternative "0".
Then click "Continue", specify "Use WhatsApp Web", and you're done.

With this, you can contact people who may only occasionally chat on WhatsApp without having to save their number.

Source : tribunnews.com

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