The Most Sophisticated Android Mobile CCTV Application – Did you already know that there is an Android HP CCTV application? As we know, surveillance cameras or what is often referred to as CCTV have a very relevant function for their owners.

Of course, the function and purpose is for the owner to feel comfortable and be able to immediately monitor the situation around him while he is away.

As technology develops, we can't just monitor security cameras via a laptop. But now Android devices can also be used as a monitoring tool, considering they have to be connected to a WiFi network.

For this, you need an IP Webcam that can be managed from multiple platforms, such as a desktop or laptop computer or an Android smartphone or tablet. Of course this requires the help of a software or application as a monitoring tool.

For this purpose, we have recommended a list of 10 most advanced CCTV apps for Android apps. Want to know? Check out the following reviews.

10 list of Android CCTV applications

Below are various CCTV HP Android applications, as follows:

1.IP Webcams

IP Webcam is one of the biggest CCTV application which provides to capture all activities around it. This smart application built by Pavel Khlebovich is able to capture individual movements and even speech.

To use it, you need 2 devices, namely Android and a PC or tablet. Meanwhile, you can monitor it using a variety of means, including VLC Media Player or a browser.

Besides functioning as a surveillance tool, it also includes various additional capabilities that you can use, such as recording functions, speech recognition, resolution settings, and so on.

2. WiFi Baby Monitor

Through the WiFi Baby Monitor application, you can monitor a certain room or place using your own CCTV equipment.

Using it is also quite basic, you just need to position the smartphone device that is not in use to the location you want to watch and monitor. To be connected, both devices must be connected to the same internet connection (WiFi).

With the note that the WiFi is not the result of an Android cellphone hotspot that is used as monitoring, but through the WiFi network around you.

During monitoring, you can zoom in or out, change the lighting, to capture all kinds of action that happens with screen recorder apps for Android.

3. Warden Cam

Do you have a smartphone that is stored neatly but still functions normally? Too bad, you have to use it as a security camera in your home.

This application called WardenCam will help you monitor all activities from the artificial CCTV cameras that you have installed.

One of the features of this application is the support or function of Night Vision. Where we can monitor eyes on things even when it's dark. Interested in trying it?

4. TinyCam Monitor

This CCTV application is capable of remote control and has decent image quality. The way it works is also quite basic, you only need to connect the tinyCam Monitor application with the CCTV over IP camera system.

Some of the supported camera brands include Amcrest, Foscam, D-Link, Edimax, Panasonic, Pixord, and many more.

Through this application, users can control PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) on installed camera devices in real-time.

5. IP Cam Viewer Basic

For those of you who have CCTV cameras at home, now you can directly monitor them using an Android smartphone. The Robert Chou application supports camera devices that support network protocols RTSP, ONVIF, MMSH, and many more.

Not only does it function as a monitoring tool, you can also perform several functions on the features embedded in this application, including auto-focus, recording, and many others.

6. Live Camera Viewer

Live Camera Viewer is not a monitoring application that works like the previous CCTV application. Because this sophisticated application allows you to be able to monitor CCTV in real-time from various areas of cities in many countries, including Indonesia.

To explore the locations you want to see, you only need to select a country and enter keywords in certain cities.

With a note, the city you are looking for must be equipped with a monitoring camera that allows online broadcasting capabilities to the public.

7. DroidCam Wireless Webcam

Through DroidCam, you can turn your Android handset into a CCTV with IP webcam feature. Where later you can monitor all activities captured by the gadget using a browser.

Interestingly, this sophisticated application that has more than 5 million users supports high resolution (HD), which is up to 720p. Thus, the sharpness of the image presented will be very clear.

8. Video Surveillance Ivideon

By using this app, you can unify all the tabs that record your security camera. Android device security camera, it's a camera, like DVR and NRVS.

The visual and sound quality is also of a high standard. In addition, some major wireless camera manufacturers, such as iLuv and Oco, Philips and Axis are supported.

9. iVMS-4500

iVNMS-4500 is a sophisticated program specifically designed to remotely monitor all activities on DVR or NVR cameras.

Not only does it function as a monitor, it is also equipped with many features, such as playback, recording, auto-focus, and many more.

Not only that, customers can also change the image resolution level from 480×800 to 1920×1080. This of course can be changed to the connection you have. Unfortunately, this application made by HIKVISION can only be used by Android devices with OS 4.0 and above.

10. Foscam Viewer

Foscam Viewer's extensive capabilities and reliability as a monitoring tool is undeniable. Through this application, you can monitor various actions at home or certain areas so that children are always safe and alert.

To be able to make it a monitoring tool, you must have a CCTV camera or IP webcam that supports network protocols.

Well, then you can monitor in real-time after connecting your Android smartphone with a security camera, whether it's using a 3G or WiFi network.


So, that's the list of the most sophisticated Android HP CCTV applications with a myriad of sophisticated features to directly monitor the security cameras installed in your home.

If you don't already know how to connect CCTV to Android and iPhone cellphones, see the article. Hopefully the application above can make you safer from various unwanted things.

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