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Rancakmedia.com – Who here likes K-pop or Korean music? Do you want to know Korean song download sites? But it's quite difficult to find sites to download the latest K-Pop songs.

So, for those of you who like K-Pop songs and want to download them, you can see the list that we present.

The K-Pop songs on this K-Pop song download site are the newest songs from Korean musicians that you can enjoy for free, you know. Come on! Just check the list of sites below.

List of Korean Song Download Sites

Below are various sites and application which can be used to download Korean songs, as follows:

1. Igeo K-Pop

Igeo K-Pop is the first K-pop song download site, where you can get entire albums from your favorite singers and OSTs from your favorite Korean drama films.

Igeo K-Pop provides a single link that you can click directly to download the K-Pop song that you have chosen.

2. PlanetKPop

Next is PlanetKPop, this k-pop song download site presents songs, albums, and also OSTs from your favorite Korean drama films, guys.

However, when you download an album of your favorite singer, you still have to download the songs one by one and there is no single link that directly downloads the album.

3. PlanetSong

In third place is PlanetLagu, this site is indeed the most visited to download the best and most complete songs.

On the PlanetLagu site you will be presented with several categories such as Download songs, Browse, Song Lyrics, Artist Profiles, and Others.

So to find information about your favorite K-Pop artist, it's here.

4. Mp3Juices.cc

Mp3Juices.cc is a K-Pop song download site that you can visit. On this site you can't find the K-Pop album you want.

Only song titles or performer names can be entered in the search box. Apart from that, this song download site can also be used to cut songs, guys.

As a result, whether you want to trim the song or change the ringtone, you no longer need to browse websites or download programs.

5. DLKPop

DLKPop is another new K-pop song download site where you can get the latest and greatest K-pop songs.

Not only songs from Korean singers or bands, you can also find soundtracks for your favorite Korean films here.

6. k2nblog

The next newest K-Pop song download site is k2nblog. On this k-pop song download site, you can download singles or albums from your favorite singers.

Not only K-Pop, you can also download J-Pop, Chinese, and many more. You can also download video clips in decent quality.

7. Kpop Explorer

In my opinion, KPop Explorer seems to be one of the most complete download sites that you shouldn't miss.

Because you will be given many genres, such as Dance Pop, Ballad, Classic, and many more. One download link for all songs will also make it easier for you.

8. BeeMP3

BeeMP3 is the second most popular site for downloading K-Pop songs. Downloading songs has never been easier or faster with our site!

It's as easy as searching for your preferred artist or band and then selecting the song you want to listen to. Guys, you will not be able to listen to the entire album on this site because this site only shows individual songs.

9. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is one of the most popular song collection platforms. On this site, you can get the latest K-Pop songs for free.

Indeed, on this site you will not find commands to download the song you are listening to. You can use the same approach you would use to download a SoundCloud song to get it.

10. YouTube

Who hasn't heard of this famous site or app? Yes! Guys, YouTube, a video sharing site, is quite popular now.

On YouTube, you can also download the latest songs, guys. Find your favorite Korean musicians first, then use the approach described above to easily download their songs from YouTube.


That's the list of sites to download Korean songs for free, you can try the site above to download Korean songs.

Hopefully the article above can be useful for those of you who want to download Korean songs using the site.

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