Here's How to Easily Delete Photos and Videos on the Whatsapp Application

Here's How to Easily Delete Photos and Videos on the Whatsapp Application - WhatsApp recently introduced a new feature to the Facebook-owned program called Storage Management or Data Storage Management.

With this new feature, users can more easily identify, evaluate (preview), and delete videos or photos on WhatsApp all at once.

"WhatsApp now categorizes documents as large and medium in size which have been forwarded many times," wrote WhatsApp, explaining the problem with Data Storage Management.

Explained in more detail, this feature will sort documents by size, starting from the largest to the smallest.

Then how do you use the Storage Management feature on WhatsApp? Without going into length, below are some steps that you can follow.

The first thing you need to do is go to Settings > Storage and Data (Data and Storage Usage) > Manage Storage.

Once in the menu, you can find out the storage used and how much storage there is.

At the bottom, there will be all your medium files divided into two parts: Forwarded many times and More than 5 MB (Larger than 5MB).

You will have several options as to how to delete the files, including the option to select specific files or all.

There is also an option at the bottom that lists all chats with your contact, and you can delete media files that have been shared there.

If this feature hasn't appeared yet, make sure you have updated the WhatsApp program to the latest version via the Play Store or App Store.

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