Application for downloading movies on Android – If you are a movie buff then the best Movie Download app for your smartphone is an absolute must.

Watching movies is a fun and relaxing way to unwind after a long day of work or school. So it's no wonder that many enjoy watching movies to relax after a long day of activities.

As the world of smartphones develops, it will be easier for us to enjoy watching movies using our cellphones.

There are several ways to view movies on your smartphone, from live streaming to downloading them before watching.

The two techniques above are still used, but different from streaming, downloading the movie itself allows you to watch the movie later because it is already stored on your smartphone.

You don't have to go out of your way to find something to do now because you can watch movies on your smartphone after downloading them.

As application download service providers, of course, this application comes with tons of amazing movies. This application also allows you to view some of the latest films.

For this opportunity, we will provide suggestions regarding applications for downloading free movies on Android which can be interesting recommendations.

This application is the best application with the number of downloads and also the highest rating compared to other similar applications. Here are all the suggestions.

List of applications for downloading movies

Below are some applications for downloading movies that we have summarized for you, including the following:

1. Watch LK21

The first application that was submitted by the cellphone was the Watch LK21 application. Where this application with a size of 6.9 megabytes is probably a very good application for those of you who are going to download movies. This app has a simple and attractive user interface.

Apart from that, this application made by Lestari Seprii is able to present a variety of the latest films with good image quality.

In addition, this application will also provide live subtitles. But unfortunately, sometimes you may still see buffering during peak hours using the Watch LK21 application.

2. IndoXXI HD Sub Indo

The next application that will be submitted by cellphones is IdoXXI HD. Despite being small in size (5.4 MB), it does a lot more than you might expect.

Besides being able to see the latest films, you can also download movies through this application.

3. Watch 21 with Indo Sub

There is another app called Watch 21 Indo Sub that you might want to take a look at. Even though the performance of this one application alone is very impressive.

Moreover, its size is only 4.5 MB which makes it a very friendly size. However, this application will also sometimes experience buffering if many people use it.

4. Watch ID 21

The next free movie download application is the Watch ID 21 application. This is one of the best applications for downloading movies to your smartphone, and you should definitely check it out.

Later this application only has a size of 5.4 MB. The videos that are displayed in this application itself are quite a lot with very stunning visual quality.

5. HD Movie Box Office

Then there is the HD Movie Box Office application that you might be able to test. The films that can be viewed with this application cover various genres.

This application, which is under 7 MB in size, also provides subtitles for full-length films. The app also features a number of improvements that have appeared before.

6. VIU

Next is VIU, for you fans of Korean dramas you must have this application. Premium features allow you to download movies and also stream them.

For people who love drakor, it's obvious that this amazing app is a must have for them.

7. Watch Indian Sub Indonesian Films

those of you who like Indian cinema will definitely want this application right away. Where besides being able to see you can also download movies that you enjoy.

Despite the fact that this film was made in India, English subtitles are available for purchase.

8. F21

The next application that can be one of the best applications for you is F21. Where the optimal performance of this application is with a size of only 9.5 MB.

But as is the case with similar applications, you may also experience delays when accessing this one application.

9. Nobi

Next up, there's the Nobi app, which has streaming and movie downloading apps that are worth checking out. In this application you will find many films with interesting genres. Don't miss this app's best service for the latest movies.

10. Movie21

In the following applications we have Movie21 where you can download or view various interesting film applications, as the name suggests.

This application will present many interesting features for its users. But just like movie streaming and download apps, you will also find this app has a delay or even slow enough to load different movies.

11. Play21

You can also use the Play21 app to download the latest movies and stream movies. Where in this one application you will find many advantages that exist in this one application. The 10 MB file size of this app makes it easy to download and install.

Behind this best little film application, you just have to watch movies and download them easily. In this one application you will also find a beautiful user interface with the use of eye-catching theme colors.

12. Cinemax

Cinemax is a must try after that. When it comes to downloading high-quality movies, this is one of the best free options available. In this application you will find movies with very good resolution.


These are some of the top free movie download apps available on the App Store and Google Playstore for your mobile device.

If you use any of the apps listed above, make sure you have access to a stable internet connection.

Or even certain applications have problems because the servers are overloaded, therefore you have to hold back if you want to download movies on smartphone applications.

Instead of running out of quota in vain, it's better to use it for a number of useful things, for example, downloading movies on a smartphone.

Where later the film can make entertainment media for those of you who are uptight. Thus the information this time may be useful.

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