How to Backup Android Apps to Google Drive – In this article, we will show you how to backup Android apps to Google Drive if something bad happens or something you don't know about in the future.

Sometimes, factory data wipe is required in our phones for various reasons. Or there is also a smartphone that has been misplaced so that it loses all data, including installed application data.

In application Else, the app's latest update throws a bunch of errors, prompting us to roll back to the previous version.

We need the raw file to reinstall the previous version of the app (.apk). So that's the need for us to make backups of every application installed on our cellphones.

How to Backup All Android Apps to Google Drive

we used to back up apps using 'App Backup & Restore'. When we use this app, we backup Android apps to our SD card and then restore them if backup.

Installing system apps on another phone is possible even with this tool as it allows you to backup default Android apps, also known as system apps.

So, by using App Backup & Restore, we can also save application backup files to Google Drive.

That's what we mean. Actually backing up programs to external storage memory (SD card) is sufficient. But to anticipate if our SD card is damaged, we still have another backup file on Google Drive.

In addition, if the number of applications that we back up is large and we put them on the memory card, the memory card capacity will fill up quickly. So we need Google Drive so we can delete backup files on SD card.

  1. First you download 'App Backup & Restore' from the Play Store, then open the application
  2. On the application's home page, select the 'Google Drive' menu tab, then tap the 'Add Account' button.
  3. Next, a Google account box will appear

Select an account that is already on your cellphone/sist or click 'Add Account' to use another account that is not yet on your cellphone.

Once you have selected an account, tap the 'Ok' text sign.

  1. Wait a few seconds, an access permission request box will appear, then tap the 'Allow' sign

Wait until your Google account is connected to App Backup & Restore, then close or exit App Backup & Restore

  1. Reopen App Backup & Restore, then select the application you want to backup

Check the box on the right side of the app, then tap the 'Google Drive' symbol

Installing the Backup Application

If you want to install apps that you have backed up from another phone:

  1. Sign in to the other phone using the Google account you used to back up
  2. Install App Backup & Restore on the new phone and use the app

Connect your Google account with App Backup & Restore in the same way as before.

  1. Select the 'Google Drive' menu tab, then touch the 'Downloading' button

View Backup Results on Google Drive

Apart from the method just now, you can also install apk files via Google Drive.

  1. Install and open Google Drive, then log in using the same account that you used to back up
  2. Find the 'Application Backup Restore' folder created during the backup procedure and open it/touch it to start the restore process.
  3. Tap on 'Apk' folder in 'App Backup Restore' folder.

Then select any app that you want to download and install.


Thus the article on how to backup Android applications to Google Drive, I hope after reading the article above, you can back up applications to Google Drive independently and easily.

In the article above, we have prepared a way to backup applications to Google Drive, install backup applications, and also how to view backup results on Google Drive.

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