How to Upload Apps on Playstore Easily – Guide on how to upload an application, just follow the following procedure that we present and you will definitely succeed. The application that you have built with considerable difficulty, of course, you want to download and use by many people.

One of the first actions you can take is to figure out how to add apps to the playstore. To achieve this, you must have a Google account.

The Google Developer Account, on the other hand, costs money. you have to pay 25 dollars or about 300 thousand extra to Google. This fee is only once in a lifetime and you are free to submit as many applications as you want.

Only credit cards are accepted for self-payment. In this post, I'll assume you already have a Google Developers account. Please see the tutorial for a step by step guide on how to submit your app to Playstore.

Google Play Developer List

First of all you have to create a Google Play Developer Console account, the approach is as follows:

You will be asked to log in using your Google account, if you don't have one, you must register first. you will enter the Accept Developer Agreement area.

Once you've gone through the terms of the agreement in full, be sure to check the box that says "I agree." After that you will enter your credit card information to pay a registration fee of $25. Once the credit card information is checked and the payment is complete, you will complete the account details.

Google Wallet Account Registration

Signing up for the Google Play Developer Console is actually not enough because you will only be allowed to deploy free apps within Google Play. So you can release paid apps and take advantage of Google's in-app pricing tools within your apps.

How to Upload Applications to Playstore?

The Google Play Developer Console is where you set up your Google Wallet merchant account. Creating a Google Wallet account is free and the registration procedure is fast. The steps are as follows:

Click the Set Up A Merchant Account Now option in the Settings-Account Details menu. Fill in your data for Google Wallet merchant account registration. Automated data entry has taken care of most of the work.

Register your details and your Google Wallet merchant account will be operational. Now you can release paid apps and apply in-app pricing.

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