How to Block Sites on Android Without Application – There are tons of negative sites on the internet. The site is dangerous for children under age, here's how to block sites without applications so that children don't see negative sites or content.

Unfortunately, there's no way to block features to specific sites in Chrome. As a result, we are forced to use third-party applications. In the Play Store, you may find a wide variety of useful applications, most of which can be downloaded for free.

The government actually blocks sites that carry bad information. Even so, there are still many sites that can still be visited freely. Of course this is damaging enough that it should be blocked to be safe.

There are many types of sites in our world. Others have good ingredients, some have bad. You alone can determine which sites are worth viewing and which are not. Given that so many dangerous sites have not been blocked by the government, it is wiser to block them yourself.

We still have many Google Chrome users who don't know how to block sites on smartphones. For this reason, we will provide a tutorial on how to block sites on Google Chrome, which we will describe in the following post.

How to Block Sites Without Apps on Google Chrome

Many apps are available for Google Chrome phones that can be used to block access to certain sites. Now for individuals who are looking for a free application, but still strong in blocking sites, we propose to install an application called BlockSite.

BlockSite is the most popular app in Play Store which can be relied upon to block different sites. It's very easy to know how to use this app. To block a website, all you have to do is enter its URL in the Block List list.

This BlockSite app review includes an instructional tutorial to get you to block sites in Google Chrome on your smartphone. You can also remove fish with how to block ads on an Android cellphone application without being complicated in this article.

Download BlockSite

The first step is to download the BlockSite application on the Play Store. With this application, you can use your favorite mobile phone from one of the many different manufacturers and types that are supported. You can download it for free with a size of less than 20 MB.

Open the BlockSite App

Open the app once it is properly downloaded and installed.

Agree to the Privacy Rules

After that, you must agree to the BlockSite application privacy policy, which is displayed to you. Please click "I Agree".

After that it will appear to subscribe to the unlimited package. For those who subscribe and want to subscribe, they can choose one of the packages offered. If this is the case, just click the “close” button (x)

Agree to Enable Accessibility

The BlockSite application requires Accessibility access to be more optimal in blocking. To achieve this, you have to click on the “Enable Accessibility” button.

Make Accessibility Options Available for Services

After that, the Services Settings menu will enter automatically. If you haven't already, activate the BlockSite menu by clicking on it.

Click Grant Access

Upon activation of the BlockSite Service, the BlockSite application will automatically log back in. Click the Grant Access button when finished.

Blocked Sites

The next step is to add the sites you want to block by clicking the (+) button in the lower right corner.

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