The Drakor Film Streaming Application on Android is Ad-Free – Recommendations for the best drakor film streaming applications on Android, with the growing popularity of Korean dramas, many digitally savvy people are forced to watch them on illegal websites.

Apart from violating intellectual property rights, illegal websites can result in hacking of the devices used.

Not to mention the fact that you will be annoyed by a large number of ads and poor image quality. Despite the fact that there are many legal streaming apps available.

List of the Best Drakor Movie Streaming Applications

We believe that using a legal streaming application will make watching Korean dramas more comfortable. You must be annoyed when you are watching a good movie with a good story and good acting, then you are distracted by advertisements or poor picture quality.

So, if you like watching Korean dramas but don't know where to go easily and legally, check out the streaming apps below, and let's get started!

List of the Best Drakor Movie Streaming Applications

Here we have provided a list of film streaming applications drakor as well as the latest films selected by the media rancak:

Viu app

Drakor fans must be familiar with the VIU application. Korean dramas on VIU, for example, are more comprehensive than other streaming services.

VIU broadcasts new dramas and blockbusters from South Korean television networks such as JTBC, KBS, MBC, SBS, and CJ E&M.

Snowdrop, Happiness, The Penthouse, Beyond Evil, Mouse, Hotel Del Luna, and Sell Your Haunted House are some of the most popular Korean dramas available at VIU.

VIU also has exclusive Korean drama content, including Doom at Your Service, River with the Moon Rising, and Lovers of the Red Sky.

The three new dramas are VIU Originals, which can only be viewed on the VIU app or website. The new drama will be available on VIU for Premium users about 12 hours after it airs in Korea, with English and Indonesian subtitles.

Meanwhile, for those of you who are lazy to read subtitles, several Korean dramas on VIU also have Indonesian dubs. How interesting isn't it?


IQIYI was first recognized for its extensive library of Chinese dramas. However, several new Korean drama titles, such as So I Married The Anti-Fan, My Roommate is Gumiho, Lost, Yumi's Cells, and Jirisan, starring Jun Ji-Hyun and Joo Ji-Hoon, are currently broadcast exclusively on Chinese platforms. this.

Viu app

For friends who want to sample the experience of watching on iQIYI, it can be free without membership. However, there is a possibility that you will be annoyed by advertisements and limited access. You can make yourself comfortable by subscribing to the VIP package.

iQIYI provides two packages: Standard VIP and Premium VIP. Both provide advanced viewing access, allowing users to view new episodes more quickly than regular viewers.

With VIP Premium, you can watch on four devices at once and have access to the Advanced Unlock function, which lets you preview more new episodes first.

Another benefit of iQIYI is that the program is relatively light and has great image quality. This will allow you to browse and download hundreds of Korean dramas without worrying about your device overheating! Use the genius app to get free access.

Netflix app

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services in the world due to its wide and varied library of content. Netflix has movies from around the world, as well as western TV shows, anime and Korean dramas.

For Korean dramas, Netflix offers a variety of choices, from the newest to the oldest and most popular. What sets it apart is the Netflix Original Series made by Netflix which is unique material that you won't find in other apps!

Hospital Playlist, Kingdom, Nonetheless, Vagabond, Start-Up, and, most recently, Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha starring Kim Seon-Ho and Shin Min-Ah are among the Korean dramas available on Netflix.

If you want to watch a scary thriller Korean drama, you can watch Squid Game, which has 9 accessible episodes.

Drama fans can also visit The Swoon's YouTube page, which is handled by Netflix. The Swoon channel features a variety of interesting programs, such as behind-the-scenes Korean dramas that appear on Netflix and game shows featuring drama celebrities.


When else will you get the chance to play with your favorite Drakor players?

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WeTV application

We TV is a video streaming app which is an app for watching original and popular drakor, anime and variety programs!

WeTV presents the best selection of programs and dramas from many countries in Asia, starting from original Indonesian series such as the film series Layangan Berbang, flattered and shocked to marry which is currently viral in Indonesia and then there are Chinese dramas, Korean dramas, Japanese dramas or j-dorama, and many more. yet another material.

New Features Make Watching More Entertaining:

You can now change the size and speed of the Combat (Flying Comment) function. Also, viewing while commenting together is now easier thanks to the new comment function for transparent font choices!

  1. The new video player interface is carefully developed for your viewing pleasure. You are unlikely to get bored if you sit in front of the TV for hours on end.
  2. Now you don't have to be afraid of missing the latest information anymore. By pressing the “remind me” button, you can set notifications when content is set to go online, and you will be notified at that time


Below we have summarized some frequently asked questions about drakor movie streaming, as follows:

Is the Iflix App Legal?

iFlix is a legal and free movie streaming site based in Malaysia. iFlix presents many box office films, TV series, Korean dramas, series, the best Indonesian films, to special viewing for children.


So that's four streaming application legal that you can use to watch Korean drama. you only need to choose which application to subscribe to or which Korean drama to watch.

That's information about the Drakor movie streaming application on Android ad-free, I hope the article above can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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