Klopp robs Flick of the Best FIFA Coach Award 2020

Klopp robs Flick of the Best FIFA Coach Award 2020 – Bayern Munich fans do not accept that their beloved club coach, Hansi Flick, did not win the 2020 FIFA Best Coach award. Jurgen Klopp claimed that title.

Flick is competing with Klopp and Leeds United coach Marcelo Bielsa in the breakdown of the best coach finalists. Previously, there were many Flick heroes who had cooler achievements.

Bayern Munich under the control of Flick became the rulers of Europe last season. Die Roten successfully won the treble winners including the Champions League title.

Even so, some voters tend to choose Klopp as the Best FIFA Coach 2020. He is seen as successful in ending his 30-year drought on the Premier League title which had eluded The Kop.

However, the public was shocked after Klopp was published as the world's best coach champion. Even though Klopp was only able to bring the Reds to the Premier League title.

Deprived of Hansi Flick's key sentence also echoed in the Twitter universe. Some fans did not accept the results of the vote in favor of Klopp.

“Hansi Flick has won more trophies as coach of Bayern Munich (5) than he has lost in matches (3) since taking over in November 2019. Snatched,” wrote @nze_musoke.

West Ham United fan John Smith commented on Klopp's victory which was seen as incomparable to Flick.

“Hansi Flick is completely deprived of the best coach award. That guy won the treble with Bayern while Klopp was left out of the Champions League and two local competitions to concentrate on the Premier League."

Source: CNNIndonesia.com

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