How to Download a Covid Vaccine Certificate Along with a Careful and Protect Check-In Guide Through Other Applications – People who have been vaccinated can download their vaccine certificates online through the Pedulilindungi application exclusively on their smartphone using the following method.

A Covid-19 vaccination certificate is valid proof that the public has received the first or second dose of Covid-19 immunization.

The Covid vaccine certificate consists of name, NIK, date of birth, immunization date and QR code.

How to Download a Covid Vaccine Certificate:

  • Access;
  • Then click "Login" to enter;
  • If you already have a Cares Protect account, click the “Register” button;
  • Meanwhile, if you don't have an account, register an account immediately by providing your full name and mobile number;
  • Then click “Create Account” to register;
  • Then check the SMS from PEDULICovid on the registered cellphone number;
  • After that, enter the 6-digit number mentioned in the SMS;
  • Later the system will check the code you entered;
  • Then after success, click "login";
  • Then click on your name column located in the upper right corner of the Care to Protect page;
  • The first and second vaccine certificate views will appear if you have received two immunizations;
  • Then, click “Download Certificate” to download, it will directly download the immunization certificate.

Apart from going through the PeduliLindung portal, the public can now download vaccine certificates via an SMS link from 1199 to the vaccine participant number. Participants can now download vaccine certificates using application PeduliLindung official too.

If you encounter a problem, please explain your concern by sending an email to Scanning the QR code or PeduliLindungi Check In seeks to record the location of people's travels during the outbreak, and as a way to suppress the spread of Covid-19 in Indonesia.

Quoting from, the Check In function on the CareLindung application can be accessed by the public without the need to download or install the PeduliLindung application.

Checking Through PeduliLindungi can be done in various applications such as; Gojek, Grab, Tokopedia, Traveloka,, Dana, Cinema XXI, Link Aja, Jaki, and Shopee.

How to Download a Covid Vaccine Certificate Through Several Applications: How to Download a Covid Vaccine Certificate Through Several Applications

1. How to Check In or Scan the QR Code at PeduliLindungi:

  1. First install the PeduliLindung application on the Google Play Store or App Store, if you don't have the application yet.
  2. Open the application, and make sure the GPS on your smartphone is active.
  3. After that, login to your account if you previously registered an account.
  4. Then the PeduliLindung application menu appears, such as: Vaccine Registration, Scan QR Code, Teledoctor, Important Information, Travel Diary, and Digital Passport, then select Scan QR Code.
  5. After that scan the QR Code to the site that has been provided.

Scan results will appear later, whether allowed to enter the mall or not. If a green color appears, it means you are 'allowed to enter', and vice versa, if a yellow color appears, the officer will re-verify.

2. How to Check In PeduliLindungi with the Gojek application:

  1. Open the Gojek application and press the 'Check in' button on the main Gojek application page
  2. Don't forget to activate the location and start filling in personal data such as full name and KTP
  3. Then activate the camera and scan the QR code before entering a public area
  4. Then the check-in results will automatically appear, presenting the results of the QR scan code to the incoming officer.

Do not enter the location if the check-in results are red or black. To check out, do the same way before leaving the check-in location.

3. How to Check In PeduliLindungi with the Shopee application:

  1. Download and install the Shopee app on your phone
  2. Then open the Shopee application
  3. Then select the Care Protect menu
  4. After that, enter your full name and ID card number
  5. Then click continue to scan the QR code

Then information will appear indicating that you have checked in at that location. As for Check Out, you can do the same way before leaving the location where you Check In.

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