How to Check Announcement of the Latest TKD BUMN and AKHLAK Results – In this article, we will discuss how to check announcements BUMN TKD results and AKHLAK, for those of you who want to know, see the article we provide below.

For participants who have taken TKD and Morals, they can check their test results via the TKD and AKHLAK Results Recruitment Joint BUMN Batch 2 results link.

The SOE's morals serve as a guideline of behavior for every BUMN human resource (HR), which must be implemented in daily life and shape the work culture within the SOE environment.

AHLAK BUMN stands for Trustworthy, Competent, Harmonious, Loyal, Adaptive and Collaborative which are the Core Values of BUMN.

How to Check TKD Results Announcement

How to Check the Announcement of BUMN TKD Results

Since the beginning of December 2022 State-Owned Enterprises or commonly known as SOEs have opened vacancies for people who want to join to be part of Indonesian SOEs.

After the participants took the TKD test or basic skills as well as BUMN Core Value "AKHLAK" on December 28 2022, on January 7 2023 the participants could check their previous test results.

The way to check the results of the BUMN TKD Test Results Announcement is very easy. Participants only need to log in to their respective pages and accounts and see the announcement notification. The following are the steps to check the Announcement of TKD BUMN and AKHLAK Test Results:

  1. First, log in and visit the BUMN TKD Test Results Announcement page by going to the recruitment page with fhcibumn
  2. Next, enter the same “Email Address” and “Password” when you first registered to log into your account.
  3. If you have successfully logged in, you can go directly to the "My Application" page. There it will be announced whether you pass or not the TKD and AKHLAK tests that were carried out before.

The second way to see the results of the BUMN TKD Test Results Announcement is by checking the email from the same address during registration.

The BUMN recruitment committee has sent the test results to each participant's email. Please check your email inbox for answers.

The process of checking the Announcement of BUMN TKD Test Results is quite easy, and you only need to follow the steps above to get answers from the results of the test that you have previously taken.

Schedule of Selection Process for Other SOEs After TKD and AKHLAK

For participants who have passed the TKD and AKHLAK tests, don't get too excited because there are still several other selection stages that must be passed before finally being able to join BUMN.

According to information contained on the BUMN website, prospective applicants who pass the TKD and AKHLAK selections must still take part in the next selection stage according to the schedule determined by the committee. Here is the full schedule:

  1. English Selection and Test will be conducted on 8-10 January 2023.
  2. Announcement of English test results will be notified in January 2023.
  3. The TKB Selection Test, Interview, and MCU will be conducted on January 20-28 2023.
  4. The inauguration will be held on January 31, 2023.


New dates 9-10 June 2022, have been set for the release of TKD and BUMN core values findings. This information was shared on Wednesday, July 6, through the Indonesian Human Capital Forum's Instagram account, @fhci.bumn. More than 2,700 full-time positions and 2,300 internships are available in co-hiring for 2022.

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