Jasa Raharja Opens Job Vacancies for SMA, D3, and S1 graduates

Rancakmedia.com – In this article we will discuss about the services of opening job vacancies for high school, D3 to S1 graduates, for those of you who don't have a job, you can see the article below.

Through his official Instagram account @pt_jasaraharja, Thursday (32/6), the vacancy is in the form of the Step Bakti Jasa Raharja (LBJH) internship program which will be open from 2-6 June.

The position required is a Human Capital Administration Officer of 1 formation in each branch office in Indonesia.

To register, please visit https://lbjr.jasaraharja.co.id/ and complete the registration form, which will direct you to a list of administrative requirements and tasks.

Requirements for registering work at Jasa Raharja

  1. Son/daughter of the region and domiciled in the local branch area (proven by the KTP concerned)
  2. Male/female aged 17-23 years (The maximum age on 6 June 2022 is exactly 23 years, or in other words, prospective participants born before 6 June 1999 are not allowed to register). with a record that applicants are 17 years old must be accompanied by a letter of permission to become an apprentice from their parents
  3. Do not have parents and or siblings who are still actively working at PT Jasa Raharja
  4. High school graduate or equivalent, D3, or S1 from any major
  5. Minimum GPA of 2.50 for prospective participants from Bachelor and Diploma graduates (State Universities and Private Universities) and National Examination (UN) scores for high school graduates at least on average 6.00, and for high school graduates without UN (2019-2022) the minimum school exam score is 7.00
  6. Not married and willing to not get married while being an apprentice
  7. Mastering computer operations (Minimum Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel)
  8. Attractive

List of Administrative Requirements

Then after it is felt that the requirements above are appropriate, the prospective apprentice must complete the administrative requirements, namely;

  1. Family card
  2. SKCK (Certificate of Police Records)
  3. Recent passport photo and latest full body photo
  4. Certificate of Not Married (By Kelurahan)
  5. Other supporting documents, ranging from certificates, award certificates, and others.
  6. Statement of willingness not to get married as long as you are an apprentice and do not have parents or siblings who are still actively working at PT Jasa Raharja (Download on the Web)


In the article above, we have provided the conditions that need to be prepared to register, and not only that, we also discussed administrative requirements.

Thus the article about Jasa Raharja Opening Job Vacancies for SMA, D3, and S1 Graduates. Hopefully the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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