Honorary Teachers Will Be Appointed as PPPK, See the Explanation of the Director General of GTK

Honorary Teachers Will Be Appointed as PPPK, See the Explanation of the Director General of GTK – Pressure from honorary forums, teacher organizations and Commission X DPR RI so that educational staff are appointed as state civil servants or ASNs, both PNS or PPPK (government employees with work agreements), responded to the Ministry of Education and Culture.

The Director General of Teachers and Education Personnel (Dirjen GTK) of the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) Iwan Syahril explained, the government is not just concentrating on honorary teachers. According to Iwan, the government will pay attention to honorary educational staff or staff to be selected as ASN. However, completion gradually.

The government, said Irwan, will prioritize hiring honorary teachers to become PPPK. Then just move on to honorary staff management.

"We are targeting the completion of education staff after the recruitment of one million PPPK teachers. This is a huge target and we need to properly accompany the process," said Director General Iwan in Jakarta, Monday (1/2).

He clarified, even though the Ministry of Education and Culture is preparing a package of one million PPPK teachers, that does not mean that all honorary teachers are included without testing.

All K2 honorary teachers, non-categories, and fresh graduate teacher professional education (PPG) alumnus can also register. "So only those who pass the test can fill the quota of one million teachers. If, for example, this year, 500 thousand or 300 thousand passed, that's all that will be appointed," he explained. For those who have not passed the PPPK recruitment, they can take 2 more tests.

This is because each participant is given the opportunity to take part in the PPPK recruitment test 3 times. Iwan hopes that this year many honorary teachers will participate in the selection, so that more honorary teachers with different status will become ASNs. At that time, regarding the problem of religious teachers, Iwan explained that the process had gone through an intensive review stage.

According to Iwan, the Ministry of Religion (Kemenag) took several steps to convey the required scheme, of course in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Culture.

"For several religious teachers, both Islamic and other religions, the Ministry of Religion conveyed the necessary schemes, God willing, we at GTK will continue to push for the process," said Iwan.

It was found that Commission X of the DPR RI had made the Committee for the Appointment of Honorary Education Staff Teachers into ASNs led by Agustina Wilujeng from the PDIP faction. The committee was created to upgrade the status of honorary teachers and education staff to become civil servants. If it's not possible because of that all of them are appointed by PPPK without those that are still there.

Source : jpnn.com

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