How to Check BPJS Health Bills, Don't Be Late – In this article we will provide a way to check BPJS Health bills, the public is advised not to be late paying bills every month because if you are in arrears, according to applicable regulations, you have the potential to be subject to a fine of up to IDR 30 million.

The requirements for the obligation to pay contributions are stated in Presidential Regulation (Perpres) Number 64 of 2020 concerning Health Insurance which also cancels the previous 2018 Presidential Regulation.

Fine rate of 5 percent or up to Rp. 30 million only applies to non-contribution assistance recipients (PBI), non-paid worker participants (PBPU), and non-workers (BP).

As is known, BPJS Kesehatan payments for non-PBI participants are paid every month, no later than the 10th. BPJS Kesehatan premium payments can also be made through the autodebit system.

The JKN-KIS program auto-debit mechanism automatically deducts monthly payments from each participant's active account. However, not everyone wants to take advantage of this autodebit.

List of Ways to Check BPJS Health Bills

By checking BPJS Kesehatan bills regularly, participants can check late payment fees.

The general public can search their mobile phones to see whether BPJS Kesehatan Mandiri donations have been paid or not.

Meluncurkan website resmi BPJS Kesehatan, cek tagihan BPJS Kesehatan dapat dilakukan melalui application mobile JKN, atau melalui SMS dan WhatsApp (WA).

List of Ways to Check BPJS Health Bills

Calling the Care Center 165 is another way to check BPJS Health bills. Participants only need to call the telephone number 165 to find out the BPJS Health contribution bill. The operator will inform the participants later how much the BPJS Health bill will cost.

Check BPJS Health Bills via Mobile JKN

By using the Mobile JKN application, you can check your BPJS Health bill as follows:

  1. Download the Mobile JKN application on the App Store and Play Store
  2. Then log in or select list if not registered in the application
  3. Then, to check BPJS Health bills, you can click on the 'Premium' menu
  4. After that, the screen on the cellphone will display BPJS Health billing information.

Check BPJS Health Bills Via SMS

How to check BPJS Health bills can also be via SMS. If the internet connection is down, alternative methods of checking BPJS Health bills can be selected.

You do this by sending an SMS with the format: BILLING BPJS Kesehatan Card Number. Example: BILL 0001260979209 and send to number 08777 5500 400

To find out the format for writing messages on the BPJS Kesehatan SMS Gateway service, simply write HELP and send it to number 08777-5500-400

The system will send billing information to the cellphone.

Check BPJS Health Bills via WA

BPJS Kesehatan provides JKN or CHIKA Chat Assistant services which are available for participants who need information services.

By using the CHIKA service, you can check BPJS bills by sending a Whatsapp Chat to number 0811 8750 400.

Here's how to check BPJS Health bills via WA:

  1. Send any messages to the CHIKA Service number at 08118750400
  2. Messages will be responded to automatically by the CHIKA account
  3. Reply by typing the number “2” or the Due Billing Check menu
  4. Reply by typing the BPJS Kesehatan participant number or National Identity Number (NIK)
  5. Reply by typing the date of birth in the format yyyy-mm-dd (year – month – date of birth)
  6. The CHIKA Whatsapp account will reply by displaying the BPJS Health contribution bill along with the payment status


In the article above, we have provided a way to check BPJS Health bills via Mobile JKN, SMS, and also via WhatsApp.

Thus the article on How to Check BPJS Health Bills, Don't Be Late. Hopefully the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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