182 CPNS 2023 Still Don't Have NIP Check This Is Why

This is the reason why 182 CPNS 2019 still don't have a NIP - The National Civil Service Agency (BKN) noted that there were still 189 2019 Civil Servant Candidates (CPNS) until January 21, 2021, who did not yet have an Employee Identification Number (NIP). The BKN has determined NIPs for 137,600 CPNS 2019.

Acting Head of Public Relations, Legal and Cooperation Bureau of BKN Paryono explained, there are several agencies that are still processing the determination of the 2019 CPNS NIP.

This is because the 2019 CPNS files in an agency fall into the Incomplete Files (BTL) category, so that the determination of the NIP cannot be carried out and the proposing agency has not issued a 2019 CPNS Decree (SK).

Although, if the 2019 CPNS files do not meet the requirements (TMS), then the process of determining the CPNS NIP will not continue.

"It may not meet the requirements (TMS) or the file is not complete (BTL) so it hasn't been processed yet. So we have to look at the files first, whether TMS or BTL," said Paryono

Paryono said, for CPNS who already have NIP determination, the proposing agency will immediately issue a 2019 CPNS SK for them.

"Those who have finished determining the NIP at the BKN, then issued a CPNS SK by the agency," he explained.

The figure for 137,600 CPNS 2019 that has a NIP is the same as 99.86 percent of the number of NIP determination proposals that have entered the BKN as many as 137,789 proposals.

"While the proposing agency has printed 119,327 SK CPNS 2019 or 86.72 percent of the total NIP that has been determined by the BKN," Liputan6.com quoted from the tweet of the official BKN Twitter account @BKNgoid.

Many Ministries Do Not Recruit CPNS in 2021
Minister for Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (Menteri PANRB) Tjahjo Kumolo said the government had agreed to reduce the recruitment of Candidates for Civil Servants (CPNS). Even within the Ministry of PANRB for this year there is not much recruitment.

"The PANRB Ministry for 2021 and many ministries are not new recruits (CPNS)," said Tjahjo Kumolo in a joint working meeting with Commission II DPR RI, in Jakarta, Monday (18/1/2021).

If indeed there are related ministries or institutions where many civil servants have entered retirement age, new recruitment will not necessarily be carried out immediately. This is because the new recruitment this time is not calculated based on the number of retired civil servants.

"For example, those who retire 100 don't have to receive 100, maybe 25-50 with various new innovations," he said.

He added, so far the government is also still calculating how many CPNS needs this year. The calculations are still dynamic, namely 1.6 million for administrative staff.

"This will be answered by the ministries of the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Minister of Home Affairs, including 1 million teachers. There are also additional doctors, nurses, midwives and extension workers," he said.

Source : liputan6.com

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