How to Check the Latest Online Village Fund BLT – This online village fund BLT is taken from the Village Fund budget, which is mostly diverted to social safety nets, for complete information, please read it to the end.

Like other social assistance programs, the distribution of Village Fund BLT assistance also provides great benefits for people in rural areas. Most of this assistance is used to meet basic needs.

Differences between Online Village Fund BLT and Others

Before going into the subject of how to check the distribution of BLT Dana Desa assistance + 900 thousand online, it is better for us to first understand what is meant by BLT Dana Desa. That way you can better understand the meaning, benefits and purpose.

Basically BLT Dana Desa or direct cash assistance from Dana Desa is one of the schemes that aims to support national economic recovery. As the name implies, this BLT uses Village Fund funds aimed at reaching village communities.

When will the Online Village Fund BLT run

Since 2020, the government has implemented this social assistance program, which has distributed a total of IDR 23.74 trillion. The number of beneficiaries is approximately 8.0 million households with an assistance amount of IDR 600,000 per month for the first 3 months starting April 2020.

For the next six months, assistance will be provided at a rate of IDR 300,000 per month. Farmers, fishermen, traders, MSME business actors, workers, and teachers are among the beneficiary families, according to the assistance that is now accessible.

Distribution of BLT Village Funds Online

There is a limit to the number of people who can get assistance through the Village Fund BLT program. A maximum of 25 percent of the available Village Fund can be used for BLT purposes if it is less than IDR 800 million.

Meanwhile, at least 30% of these funds were allocated for Village Fund BLT in the regions with a Village Fund budget of Rp. 800 million to Rp. 1.2 billion. And 35% from the Village Fund budget above IDR 1.2 billion allocated to the Village Fund BLT for certain areas.

Village Fund BLT is given for 12 months. While the terms and procedures for distribution have been regulated by each region with regent or mayor regulations. In this case, the regional government also verifies data and documents to ensure feasibility.

Implementation of the 2021 Online Village Fund BLT

BLT DD (Village Fund Direct Cash Assistance) has distributed IDR 1.28 trillion to more than 4.27 million households as of January 2021. Meanwhile, the total funds provided to 2.8 million households in February 2021 were IDR 850 billion.

Overall funding from the Village Fund this year reached IDR 72 trillion and priority was given to the Village Fund BLT distribution. Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on the rural poor, and this is being done in an effort to help them.

BLT Online Village Fund 2022

Even after 2022, BLT Dana Desa will remain an important social safety net for the poor. Therefore, learning how to monitor BLT Dana Desa online and the 900,000 aid disbursed is very important.

This assistance program will also be provided to the poor and underprivileged who previously did not have access to government assistance. This includes families affected by Covid-19 and those who have lost their jobs.

The poverty line is set at IDR 472,525 per month, so a household is said to be poor if its monthly income is below this line. In contrast, the very poor have a monthly income of IDR 378,030, or almost $12,000 per day.

With the continuation of the Village Fund BLT program which will run until 2022, it is hoped that it can accelerate the pace of national economic recovery. On the other hand, the program is also predicted to be able to reduce the impact of the decline due to the heavy economic burden.

For 2022 itself, the government will concentrate Village Fund money on the social safety net through the Village Fund BLT. At least, the Village Fund has set aside 40% from its budget for the purpose of the Village Fund BLT.

Purpose of Social Assistance Distribution of Online Village Funds

With the Village Fund BLT, we want to help those who need it the most as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak. With the help of finance It is hoped that the village community can rise from the economic downturn.

People can take advantage of the financial assistance they get not only to meet their basic needs, but also as an additional source of money to get started. That way, the assistance does not run out quickly but can grow and become a source of family income.

Target Recipients of Village Fund Social Assistance

In principle, the recipients of the Village Fund BLT assistance in question are all villages affected by the Covid-19 outbreak so that they need economic assistance. People who have lost their jobs due to layoffs fall into this group.

For more details, the following are some of the categories targeted for Village Fund BLT recipients:

  1. People who come from poor or pre-prosperous backgrounds in the local village environment.
  2. Families left without a source of income due to the outbreak.
  3. Families that have not received other assistance such as PKH, Pre-Employment Cards, BST and BPNT (Non-Cash Food Assistance).
  4. Not registered as a recipient of BLT from the Village Fund.
  5. Have a family member who is chronically ill.
  6. Village Fund BLT Registration Mechanism

Communities who are entitled to receive Village Fund BLT assistance must register by following the Village Fund BLT registration procedure which is determined by category.

  1. Registration by Officer
    In this social assistance initiative, registration is carried out by Village Volunteers Against Covid-19 in the context of RT, RW and villages. The data on prospective beneficiaries is then given before the Musdesus (Special Village Deliberation) to decide on potential beneficiaries.
  2. Verification Process
    The data that has been submitted in the Musdesus will then be validated to ensure the suitability of the data with the existing documents.
  3. Approval by the Village Head
    If the data verification findings are appropriate, then the next village head will sign the legality of the documents in the data collection.
  4. Reporting to the Camat
    The village head must submit data collection files to the sub-district head for approval, which is the next procedure in the Village Fund BLT program.
  5. Sub-district head reporting to the Regent
    After the camat receives the data collection documents, they are submitted to the bupati or mayor for review.
  6. Letter of Notification of Prospective Recipients of Assistance
    In addition, the village head will send a letter to those who will receive Village Fund BLT assistance.

To anticipate complications in the distribution of the Hamlet Fund BLT, each village has been provided with a service post. In addition to overcoming obstacles, Posyandu is also required to always update KPM (Beneficiary Family) data so that the distribution is right on target.

Benefits of Social Assistance for Village Funds

The government's monetary assistance program for the rural population affected by the outbreak was considered very useful. Especially with the increasingly challenging economic situation because many individuals have lost their jobs. The benefits of distributing Village Fund BLT include:

  1. Helping the Community Meet Basic Needs
    Village Fund BLT given to individuals in rural areas is very important, one of which is to meet basic needs. The difficult economic situation due to job loss means individuals have to think hard to meet basic demands.
    With the Village Fund BLT, those affected by the outbreak can be helped a little in purchasing basic needs such as daily food. The government assistance certainly gives a glimmer of optimism for the future of the community.
  2. Helping to Reduce Poverty
    BLT Dana Desa is intended for people who are considered poor and severely poor with low income, which is only around IDR 378,000 – IDR 472,000 per month. The salary must still be below the level for a good life.
    With the distribution of Village Fund BLT, the funds obtained by the recipient community can be used to boost income. At the very least, people in the poor and severely poor categories will be greatly assisted through Village Fund assistance.
  3. Increasing People's Purchasing Power
    Reduced or perhaps nonexistent income due to job loss makes it increasingly difficult for individuals to meet basic needs. The people's purchasing power has also decreased drastically so that they are unable to buy basic necessities that were previously purchased.
    With the Village Fund BLT program, beneficiary families (KPM) have the ability to obtain basic needs. With increasing purchasing power, it will also affect the commercial operations of individuals in the area who sell basic needs.
  4. As Business Capital
    The amount of assistance provided in the Village Fund BLT program may not be very large, but that does not mean it has no value at all. Apart from being used to meet basic needs, many also use it as business capital.

Since the money received can be converted into income-generating capital through the assistance of the Village Fund BLT, using it as working capital is likely to yield better results.

For example, many villages in rural areas use Village Fund BLT assistance money to buy chickens and then raise them to increase their daily income.

Some people take advantage of assistance to trade capital in the market, allowing money to circulate as capital and generate income to cover their daily expenses. In the long term, this is undoubtedly profitable.

How to Check Liquid Online Village Fund Social Assistance 900 thousand

Currently, the government continues to provide social assistance to those affected by the outbreak. This was done in an effort to help the economy recover, which has plummeted since the outbreak hit in 2020.

In addition to getting social assistance of Rp. 300,000, recipient households will also get additional money from the government through social assistance top ups with a total assistance of Rp. 300,000 three times. So if added up, the amount of assistance is Rp. 900,000.

A total of 694,000 KPM households are expected to benefit from this initiative. With quite a lot, be prepared, who knows you are one of the lucky ones.

For those of you who want to know whether you have been registered as a recipient of assistance, you can immediately check how to check online social assistance + 900 thousand aid payments below:

  1. Your initial step is simply to visit the website
  2. If you have successfully visited the site, please continue by selecting the village data search through the selected village name.
  3. Click the enter button after you type the name of the village in the column provided.
  4. After the village name appears, please select BLT Village Fund from the drop-down options.
  5. If successful, a list of social assistance recipients will be displayed on the website.
  6. BLT Disbursement Methodology for Community Funds

In most cases, the kelurahan office contacts the people who have applied for social assistance to send a letter of invitation or notification. The time and place for obtaining financial assistance or BLT from the Village Fund is stipulated in the notification letter.

Documents that must be prepared for withdrawing assistance money include invitation letters, original Electronic KTPs and Family Cards (KK) along with their photocopies. So before coming to the village office, make sure you have prepared important documents.

How to Register for 2022 Village Fund Social Assistance

For those of you who have never received assistance from the government, you can register for social assistance. But before that, you have to make sure that you have met the required standards as follows:

  1. Have KTP NIK data based on the person's residence in the city.
  2. This includes the poor and the severely poor with an income of less than IDR 500,000 per month.
  3. Further government assistance, such as PKH, BPNT, BST or Pre-Employment Cards, should be obtained at this time.
  4. It has been made redundant as a result of the Covid-19 epidemic.
  5. Have a family member who is chronically ill.
  6. If all of these qualifications are met, registration will be carried out by village volunteers who have been equipped with an assignment letter from the village head, RT or RW. Next, the documents for prospective BLT Fund recipients
  7. Villages are evaluated and approved at the Village Conference.

If the potential beneficiary has been identified in the data as a social assistance recipient, then the document will then be placed in the official report and ratified by the signature of the village head and BPD (Village Consultative Body).

The paper is then submitted to the regent or mayor for approval. Only after that the village head will give an invitation letter or notification to the recipient of the social assistance. How, quite easy is not the registration process?

Information on how to verify social assistance is actually quite significant, considering that there are still many people who have not been touched at all by the assistance programs provided by the government.

For this reason, the Covid-19 epidemic has caused a financial slump in many people who were previously wealthy. Starting from people who lost their jobs to companies that went bankrupt.

For now, many people, even those with decent housing, are struggling to meet their basic needs after losing their jobs. This should be of particular concern to community volunteers.

That's why it's so important to constantly go on field trips and gather up-to-date data to know the true economic status of the neighborhood. Thus, those who really need assistance will be given their rights, so that assistance can reach the intended recipient.

By verifying the distribution of BLT + 900 thousand Village Funds online above, of course, it will make it easier for you to check independently. You can quickly check whether you are included in the list of recipients of BLT social assistance or not.

Available for Citizens Who Have Not Registered at DTKS

Residents who have not registered with DTKS can get Rp. 1,000 BLT from the Village Fund. For this reason, not all residents who need social assistance can get it from the social level or government assistance.

PKH, BPNT, UMKM BLT, BSU, PBI Health Insurance and Pre-Employment Cards are some of the government's social assistance programs. Social assistance recipients must be registered with the Integrated Social Welfare Data (DTKS) (DTKS).

For this program, Rp. 300,000 will begin to be distributed in April 2022. BLT recipients will receive Rp. 3,000, three times what they should have received. This BLT was distributed to 649 thousand beneficiary households (KPM) in Indonesia.

The Ministry of Villages manages a number of government initiatives, including this BLT (Kemendes). This BLT seeks to help people who are underprivileged and vulnerable to poverty, especially those affected by the Covid-19 outbreak.


BLT Dana Desa Online is one of the schemes that aims to support national economic recovery. The number of beneficiaries is approximately 8.0 million households with an assistance amount of IDR 600,000 per month for the first 3 months starting April 2020.

Direct village fund cash assistance has distributed IDR 1.28 trillion to more than 4.27 million households as of January 2021. The amount of money provided to 2.8 million households in February 2021 was IDR 850 billion. This program will run until 2022.

The intended beneficiaries are all villages affected by the Covid-19 outbreak. With village financial assistance, it is hoped that the community can rise from the economic downturn. This is expected to accelerate the pace of national economic recovery.

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