Let's find out how to pay electronic ticket fines

Let's find out how to pay electronic ticket fines - Electronic Traffic Law Enforcement (ETLE) aliases have been applied on several roads in DKI Jakarta. Even recently, the National Police chief candidate, Komjen Listyo Sigit Prabowo, expressed his desire to prioritize electronic-based law enforcement processes on highways. One of them is through Electronic Traffic Law Enforcement (ETLE).

"Gradually, we will prioritize electronic or ETLE-based law enforcement processes. Up front, I hope that road members will step down on the field, regulate traffic, no need to issue tickets," said Listyo during the compliance and adequacy test at Commission III of the DPR, Wednesday (20/1/2021).

That is, to minimize the violation of ticketing time for members of the highway police to do their job. That way, Listyo explained, the traffic police working in the field will only regulate traffic without issuing fines.

Kasubdit Gakkum Ditlantas Polda Metro Jaya Kompol Fahri Siregar explained that this electronic ticket is quite efficient and can make drivers comply with road regulations. At the same time can minimize the occurrence of accidents on the highway.

"We will add services in this matter, even the ticketing cameras will also be increased,"

So, if you get an electronic ticket, then the bone fine must still be paid according to the ongoing process. Then, how do you pay for it?

The following is the method for paying ETLE ticket fines released by the Polda Metro Jaya Ditlantas:

  1. For violators who are recorded on CCTV, the police will send a confirmation letter to the address of the vehicle owner via the Indonesian post
  2. The letter includes a photo of evidence of the violation
  3. Type of article violated
  4. Confirmation deadline
  5. Links and reference codes
  6. Location and time of violation

After the confirmation letter is received, the vehicle owner is obliged to clarify. There are two ways to do clarification, either online or manually.

The first method is online through the website www.ETLE-PMJ.info, and the second is by sending a confirmation form to the ETLE post at the Sub-Directorate of Gakkum Ditlantas Polda Metro Jaya.

Violators will be given five days to confirm. After clarification, violators receive a blue ticket as proof of violation, as well as a virtual BRI code as a virtual code for payments through Bank BRI.

Source : kompas.com

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