Let's see how easy it is to make a private person's NPWP

Let's see how easy it is to make a private person's NPWP One of the requirements is to be able to pay taxes by having a Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP). This is a number given to taxpayers as self-identification or identity when exercising their tax rights and obligations.

Taken from the online DGT website on Monday (18/1/2021), if you have to pay taxes (individuals) you will get an NPWP, because you have to fill in a registration form. This form can be downloaded from the DJP website.

There are three paths that can be chosen to obtain an NPWP, namely:

  1. Come directly to the Tax Service Office (KPP) or Tax Service, Counseling and Consultation Office (KP2KP) whose working area includes a place of residence or place of business activity.
  2. Send by post, namely by sending the registration form by attaching the required documents to the KPP or KP2KP, whose working area includes a place of residence or business activity.
  3. Register online, namely through the Directorate General of Taxes e-registration page at https://ereg.pajak.go.id/ and upload the required documents.

According to information on the website of the Ministry of Finance, the NPWP Card and Certificate of Registration will be delivered to taxpayers by registered post. So, make sure the address listed on the registration form is correct and complete.

NPWP Document Requirements for Individualsi

The documents required for obtaining an NPWP for individuals are as follows:

  1. For employees
    – For Indonesian Citizens: photocopy of KTP
    – For foreigners: Photocopy of passport, Limited Stay Permit Card (KITAS), or Permanent Stay Permit Card (KITA)
  2. When running a business / independent work
    – Identity document
    – Documents showing the place and business activities, which include:
    – Stamped statement stating the type and place/location of business activity
    – Written or electronic statement from the service provider application online which is a business partner of the taxpayer.
  3. If a married woman is taxed separately, because she wishes in writing based on an agreement on the separation of income and assets or chooses to carry out tax rights and obligations separately, it is necessary:
    – Husband's tax identity
    – Documents certifying the marital relationship
    – Documents stating the implementation of the wife's tax rights and obligations are carried out separately from the husband
    – If you carry out business activities or freelance work, a stamped statement is required stating the type/place or location of business activity or written or electronic information from online application service providers who are business partners of the taxpayer.

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