Complete SNMPTN 2022 LTMPT Account Registration Method – On this occasion, we will provide information about how to register an LTMPT 2022/2023 account for SNMPTN and UTBK SBMPTN lists.

This material is intended for students who wish to continue their studies at state universities and register through the SNMPTN or SBMPTN routes. Just have a look at the details listed below to learn more.

Changes in the registration steps occur on the SNMPTN and SBMPTN routes. In the past, the SNMPTN registration flow started by entering data in the SNMPTN PDSS, but now it starts with creating an LTMPT account.

Likewise with UTBK registration. Registration used to start with entering NISN and NPSN data, but now it starts with creating an LTMPT account. Of course, both the school and students as potential participants in the selection must be aware of this development.

LTMPT Account Registration Steps

The SNMPTN and UTBK SBMPTN routes to state institutions must be socialized more broadly to high school students so that there are no mistakes in making choices between the SNMPTN and UTBK SBMPTN routes during the registration process.

Error registration can cause the game to fail even before the selection phase begins. Obviously, this is a significant setback. You may think that you haven't fought, but you have lost. As a result, don't let this happen.

Now, for students who will take part in the SNMPTN or SBMPTN selection, in general the registration procedure until the announcement is as follows:

Registration Flow to General Announcement of SNMPTN:

LTMPT account opening -> Ranking -> Filling PDSS SNMPTN Registration and Verification -> SNMPTN Registration -> SNMPTN Graduation Announcement

Flow of Registration to Announcement of SBMPTN in general:

Register for an LTMPT account -> Register for UTBK -> Take the UTBK Test -> Announcement of SBMPTN Graduation. In accordance with LTMPT regulations, the registration process described above can be changed.

In accordance with the order of registration above, students who are interested in taking part must first create an LTMPT account. Creating an LTMPT account is necessary because prospective participants cannot register for SNMPTN or UTBK SBMPTN without it.

LTMPT Account Registration Time to Register for SNMPTN and UTBK SBMPTN

  1. SNMPTN registration with an LTMPT account is much easier because it is completed much earlier.
  2. Meanwhile, the LTMPT account registration period for the UTBK SBMPTN will then be opened after the series of SNMPTN activities is complete.

To register for an LTMPT account, go to, the official registration site. This page is specifically intended for LTMPT account registration. Also know LTMPT SNMPTN and 2022 SBMPTN account registration requirements in this article.

Please note that the LTMPT account registration is carried out by the school and also by students. Before students can use LTMPT, schools must first create an account.

Registration of an LTMPT account by the school seeks to enable students to register for an LTMPT account and in the end be able to register for SNMPTN or UTBK SBMPTN. That is, if a school does not register an LTMPT account, students cannot register an LTMPT account. As a result, schools have to create LTMPT accounts.

On the website, the school creates an LTMPT account then selects the school menu, where the input is the combination of NPSN and Dapodik/EMIS registration code,

When creating an LTMPT account, students must enter the student menu and provide their NISN, NPSN, and date of birth to enter

There are Many Methods to Determine NPSN:

  1. Visit the official website
  2. Click the Education Main Data menu Click the Primary & Secondary Education submenu (NPSN Education Unit Category) (NPSN Education Unit Category)
  3. Click on the province name
  4. Click the district name
  5. Click on the district name
  6. The NPSN number can also be clicked to find out the exact school address

Meanwhile, NISN can be verified in the following ways:

  1. Click this link to go to
  2. Next, select Data for Students from the drop-down options.
  3. Click the Search by Name option; Fill in the correct information in the column Student Name, Place of Birth, Date of Birth and Mother's Name

Furthermore, below it will be explained in detail how to create an LTMPT account for schools and students so they can register for SNMPTN and UTBK SBMPTN

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