Facts about the film Cinta Subuh: Gives a Unique Love Story

Rancakmedia.com – In the article below, we will provide facts about the film Cinta Subuh that you need to know before watching it in cinemas.

Two years after their marriage, Dinda Hauw and Rey Mbayang were finally reunited through a feature film project entitled Cinta Subuh. The film Cinta Subuh is scheduled to be shown on Thursday, 19 May 2022 in all cinemas in Indonesia.

Directed by Indra Gunawan, the film Cinta Subuh tells the story of Ratih (Dinda Hauw), a beautiful woman from a religious family who meets a playboy boy named Angga (Rey Mbayang).

List of Facts about the Dawn Love Movie

Below we will provide a list of facts about the dawn love movie that you need to know, as follows:

List of Facts about the Dawn Love Movie

1. The Story of the Desire Expedition

The film 'Cinta Subuh' talks about the extraordinary son of Angga (Rey Mbayang) who is too enthralled by his college rival, Ratih (Dinda Hauw).

An individual Angga was someone who first learned Doski, therefore he quickly developed into a group.

Meanwhile, Ratih is famous for the parable of a woman who became religious because of her faith in obedience. Angga, Ratih and the other suspects conspired against a combination of guards. Arya (Roger Danuarta) who wins over both of them when used in combination.

2. Started Over Print Viral Nista

Before it was to be adapted into a wilderness print, the film 'Cinta Fajr' was originally a scornful print made by Ali Ghifari.

The disgusting video has gone viral because recently the story was written in the form of an essay as well as the 2018 fairy tale. In the future, the fairy tale will be repackaged in the same print.

3. To Deliver the Matter of Repentance

The creator of the print, namely Ali Ghifari, said that the mother's purpose of the invention of 'desire at dawn' was to give birth in terms of repentance.

He intends and then his work intends to be properly scrutinized so that it will reach the goal of going viral. Apparently, this suggests that it was often circulated in print, according to the interpretation of the fairy tale.

4. Films that Rey imagines too much for Dinda Hauw

The prospective artist couple Rey Mbayang was allowed to make taaruf beforehand by Dindha Hauw, the couple's assistant. There is no purpose in duration, and meetings are redundant. Dinda Rey, the last member of the three, was seen jumping from place to place. The male placenta will also be used by Dinda to check the foundation.

Even though he has offered treatment to the damaged clumps, Dinda has not shown any affection for Rey during her stay. Not true about the warm character of 21 years.

5. Project Kelir Belantara Junior Then Rey Imagine

In contrast to his wife who has shown many prints of wilderness, the film 'Cinta Subuh' is a wilderness-themed version of Rey Mbayang's juniors. He finished junior release then that anchored to him.

Angga (Rey Mbayang) is a follower who often prays according to the stages of the duration. He also fell in love with Ratih, who is wise and religious (Dinda Hauw).

The uniqueness, presence, through Angga's character creation, Ratih left her heart. Before meeting Angga, Ratih wished to have a group that was skilled at helping her views, be ethical, wise, by carrying out religious personal parable responsibilities.

All of Ratih's dreams are also Arya Satria Negeri (Roger Danuarta), whose language believes Ratih's voice. It's not like Angga, Arya lut each number through the religious ranks.

Because of that, Arya Ratih was rude. According to Arya, the only principle that Ratih is allowed is for the sake of marriage. The early morning prayer, according to the duration, is Ratih's lawsuit against Angga, which has not yet had time to carry out too much action. Ratih's creative rank request allowed to take a guessing combination.

Subuh Love player list

Below we will provide a list of the dawn love players, as follows:

  1. Dinda Hauw as Ratih
  2. Roger Danuarta as Arya Satria Negara
  3. Rey Imagine as Angga
  4. Cut Meyriska as Ralyna Taslimah
  5. Dhini Aminarti as Septi
  6. Shakir Daulay as Dodi
  7. Dimas Seto as Sapta
  8. Adiba Khanza as Aghnia
  9. Kemal Palevi as Ghani
  10. Tengku Anataya as Harsi
  11. Maudy Effrosina as Dance
  12. Rano Karno as Aghnia's father
  13. Yoriko Angeline as Mira
  14. Indro Warkop as Rofiq
  15. Cut Mini as Umi Habibah
  16. Azzura Pinkan as Yuni
  17. Amanda Mutiara as Yuli
  18. Indra Jegel as sahifah shop assistant
  19. TJ Ruth as the cafeteria lady
  20. Mini Daus


In the article above, we not only provide interesting facts about the film Cinta Fajar, but we also discuss a list of the cast of Cinta Fajar.

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