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Synopsis Ali and Ratu Ratu Queens

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Synopsis Ali and Ratu Ratu Queens

This film has a setting not in Indonesia but abroad, namely the city of New York. In this film, we will present a typical view of the city of New York and make our eyes pop.

Tells the story of a boy named Ali Widjanarko (Iqbal Ramadhan) who is looking for his mother named Mia (Marissa Anita) in the big city of New York.

Unlike Hachi, who is looking for his mother alone, Ali will be escorted by the Queens. Even on the coldest night, Ali couldn't stop thinking about his mother.

Mom's dream was to be a vocalist in New York City. Since he was a toddler, Ali's mother has often discussed this dream.

In search of his mother, Ali, who always remembers this, immediately came to this city. And because Ali's specialty is sketching, he was trained to depict famous New York landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty.

After being given the opportunity to work in the city, his mother decided to leave. His mother without a second thought immediately left her husband and children. Thus Ali had to live alone with his father in Indonesia.

After several months, his mother had not yet appeared. Poor Ali had to watch his father disappear forever due to a stroke.

Now he lives alone, raised by his father's family and his mother is comfortable there even though he is not a singer. Like Hachi the bee who misses his mother, Ali has a great urge to come to his mother after discovering a secret.

His father had kept his mother's tickets and house location secret, as was proven. He barely has a few hundred dollars, so he rents out the house where he used to live to his mother during their vacations.

Ali traveled and got there safely, luckily he also met the queens, especially the four Indonesian immigrants who were trapped in New York, namely Party, Ance, Diyah, and Chinta.

They promise to help Ali in finding his mother, and since the Party knows Mia, it's easy. How amazed Ali was when he met his mother. What factors do you think influenced his character? Then, what actually happened? Watch the continuation of Ali & Ratu-Queen on your favorite channel.

Players Ali and Ratu Ratu Queens

Players Ali and Ratu Ratu Queens

Here we have provided a list of Ali and Ratu Ratu Queens players, as follows:

  1. Iqbal Ramadhan as Ali Widjanarko, a young boy who dreams of wanting to meet his mother who left him when Ali was small
  2. Gamaliel Eleazar who plays the role of little Ali who really likes to draw and likes watching his mother play the piano, who is finally left by his mother to New York
  3. Nirina Zubir who plays the role of Party, a very funny but very loving and motherly mother
  4. Astri Welas who plays Biyah, a woman who is determined to go to New York and become a paparazzi. It's so funny
  5. Happy Salma plays Chinta, a woman who chases her love to New York and ends up becoming a masseuse there
  6. Tika Panggabean who plays the role of Ance, single mom with one beautiful daughter. Ance feels himself to be a detective
  7. Aurora Riberto who plays Eva, a beautiful daughter of Ance who eventually falls in love with Ali, Iqbal
  8. Marisssa Anita plays the role of Ali's mother, a woman who is desperate to go to New York to pursue her dreams and leave her husband and children in Indonesia. And finally she married a contractor in New York after being sued for divorce by her husband
  9. Bayu Skak who plays Zoopunk, Ali's brother
  10. Cut Mini Theo who plays the role of Zoopunk's mother, Ali's Bude Suci
  11. Ibn Jamil who plays Hasan
  12. Arief Didu who plays Uncle Halim
  13. Reza Chandika who plays cousin and Ali
  14. Siti Nursita who plays uncle Halim's wife
  15. Rendra Rais who plays the wife of his cousin Ali
  16. Aline Jusria who plays the woman who rents Ali's house

Release Date Ali and Ratu Ratu Queens Full Movie

This film is played by well-known actors and actresses in Indonesia, such as Iqbal Ramadhan, Bayu skak, Aurora Ribero, Tika Panggabean, Nirina Zubir, Asri Pramawati, Happy Salma, Ibnu Jamil, Marissa Anita, and Cut Mini.

This film was released on June 17 2021 and you can watch it right now. Initially the film was meant to be released in 2020, but due to the outbreak, it had to be postponed.

According to Iqbal, who plays Ali, in a statement on Twitter, he noted that Ali's persona in the film is unusual. A figure that had never existed in Indonesia before, in Ali's opinion, was a man like no other.

This film will present a life narrative about the importance of a family as well as a comedy that is no less interesting. Find out how and where you can watch it by reading the comments below!

Watch Ali dan Ratu Ratu Queens Full Movie

To watch this film on Netflix, you must first become a member of the service. This film has a duration of 1 Hour 40 Minutes and will be filled with entertaining and interesting things.

If you don't want to watch the film Ali and Ratu Ratu Ratu in full by subscribing there, don't worry, you can still watch it for free, by utilizing the Telegram program.

you only need internet capital and storage space because this film will be around 1 GB in size. If you can't wait, you can watch it via the link

After clicking, make sure you join the group and download the movie first. There are many quality options that you might find such as 480p or 720p resolution.

Once it's done downloading, you just have to watch it with food or friends. However, if for no other reason than it's official, we highly recommend you watch it on Netflix.


The film Ali dan Ratu Ratu Queens tells about a boy named Ali Widjanarko (Iqbal Ramadhan) who is looking for his mother named Mia (Marissa Anita) in the big city of New York. Unlike Hachi, who is looking for his mother alone, Ali will be escorted by the Queens. Even on the coldest night, Ali couldn't stop thinking about his mother.

In the article above we have discussed Ali dan Ratu Ratu Queens, not only that we also provide a list of the players, broadcast dates, and places to watch Ali dan Ratu Ratu Queens.

Thus the article about Watch Ali and Ratu Ratu Queens at Application Telegram, I hope the article above can be useful and helpful for all of you, enjoy watching.

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