Synopsis of Teka Teki Tika and the Watch Link – Many netizens are looking for the synopsis of Teka Teki Tika, which was recently released. If you want to know, you can read this article to the end.

Netizens really enjoy watching movies via streaming, because the technique is relatively simple and you don't have to spend any effort to watch it.

Especially during a pandemic like today, watching movies is an important agenda for some individuals to spend time at home during a pandemic.

Many recently released movies are now available for viewing. Teka Teki Tika, a film that has just been released and is currently trending on the internet and social media, is one of many such films.

It's only natural that some internet users are scrambling to get links to the latest films, which have been hotly discussed lately. So, are you interested in seeing the show?

Before you watch our riddles movie, it would be nice for you to know the synopsis of the film first so that later you don't feel wasted watching this film.

We have summarized everything you need to know about watching the Teka Teki Tika movie, including the plot synopsis and direct link to the film; it is time to argue about it.

Watch the Teka Teki Tika movie

The film puzzles and tika is now officially released on Indonesian glass screens, this film is directed by the famous writer and director Ernest Prakasa.

According to Ernest's comments, the reason he made this film was because he was worried and tired of the ongoing pandemic.

Former Minister of Social Affairs Juliari Coal's investigation into social assistance corruption is another reason for this film.

So do not be surprised if later in the story there is a moral lesson that is quite effective, namely the invitation to hate acts of corruption.

The film he made was produced and worked on by Starvision Plus in collaboration with Indie Picture, Imaginary and Fosa Picture.

In this film, Ernest Prakasa as the writer produces an interesting narrative and is different from other films which are usually in the comedy genre.

But in this endeavor, Ernest Prakasa was encouraged and innovated by producing thriller genre films.

So make sure you watch it, because this film is one of the Indonesian thriller films that has an interesting synopsis. The following is a brief synopsis of the film Teka Teki Tika for you.

Synopsis of the film Teka Teki Tika

The story of a beautiful family whose members' lives are intertwined is told here. But while celebrating his wedding anniversary with the Budiman family (Ferry Salim).

The family is shocked by the appearance of a mysterious woman, the woman admits that she is her biological child.

The woman, namely Tika (Sheila Dara Aisha), with her confession, slowly the family situation became disharmonious.

However, the identity of the woman known only as Tika remains shrouded in secrecy in each of these cases. For those of you who will watch it to the end and witness this film first hand, you will understand the message conveyed in this film.

Because of the film's hidden message against corrupt behavior that is so riveting, the call to hate corruption is made explicit.

Link Streaming Watch Teka Teki Tika Full Movie

This latest film has been shown in various cinemas in the country, for those of you who want to feel a different sensation, please watch this film in your favorite cinema.

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This Teka Teki Tika film tells about a humorous family film that is celebrating a wedding anniversary with a good family, but suddenly changes because of the presence of a mysterious woman named Tika.

In the article above, we don't only provide a synopsis of Teka Teki Tika, but we also provide a streaming link for those of you who want to watch Teka Teki Tika.

Thus the article about Synopsis of Teka Teki Tika and the Watch Link, I hope the article above can be useful and helpful for all of you, enjoy watching.

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