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This Unforgettable Love Chinese drama comes from China which was adapted by an online novel entitled "MR He's Love is Not Forgotten" which was written by Qin Ye.

The drama Unforgettable Love debuted on July 10, 2021, and is planned to air 24 episodes. Briefly, this Chinese drama depicts the story of a CEO of a Heshi Group company, He Qiao Yan (Wei Zhe Ming) and a child psychologist, Yi Yue (Hu Yi Xuan).

Unforgettable Love Drama Details

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Unforgettable Love Drama Details

  1. Drama: Unforgettable Love
  2. Native Title: 贺先生的恋恋不忘
  3. Also Known As Mr. He's Love Don't Forget , The Unforgettable Love of Mr. Hey. , He Xian Sheng De Lian Lian Bu Wang , Ho Sin Saang Di Lyun Lyun Bat Mong , 賀先生的戀戀不忘
  4. Director: Li Yu Lei
  5. Genres: Romance, Drama
  6. Country: China
  7. Episodes: 24+
  8. Airs: Jul 10, 2021 –?
  9. Airs On: Saturday, Sunday
  10. Original Network: Mango TV, Mango TV
  11. Content Rating: 13+ – Teens 13 or older

Synopsis Unforgettable Love

In the first story, He Qiao Yan (Wei Zheming) is the CEO of Heshi Group. He is always well dressed and a real genius. He Qiao Yan has a lot of commercial savvy.

However, he is said to have secretly married and fathered a son behind his seemingly ideal existence. He Qiao Yan also had dreams that tormented him all the time.

Regarding rumors, He Qiao Yan had never made it explicit. However, the general public knows that he often travels with a young child named He Wei Fei.

CEO He is looking for a private doctor to treat He Wei Fei, as she needs special care, besides there is no one to treat her. Due to an incident, fate leads CEO He to meet Qin Yi Yue (Hu Yi Xuan) (Hu Yi Xuan).

He is a child psychiatrist working in a hospital. When it comes to facing adversity, Yi Yue is prudent and conscientious, but when it comes to love, she is unlucky. His former lover was a con artist who left him after the many sacrifices Yi Yue made for him.

How will the story of CEO He Qiao Yan and Qin Yi Yue continue? Was there any way Yi Yue could take care of He Wei Fei while she was away? Gradually, could this bond of fate develop into a happy romance of love?

Unforgettable Love Show Schedule with Indo Sub

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