Interesting Facts About Colorless Rainbow Films in Cinemas – The latest film by Maudy Koesnadi and Rano Karno, entitled Pelangi Tanpa Warna, has stirred up the Indonesian film industry.

Indra Gunawan's film, “Pelangi Tanpa Warna,” is an interesting alternative to the usual fare at the multiplex. Here are some intriguing statistics in the Rainbow Without Color video.

Here are Interesting Facts about the Colorless Rainbow Film

You must know interesting facts about this film that you must know before watching it in theaters.

Discussing Alzheimer's Disease

The narrative of Fedi's wife (Rano Karno) who has Alzheimer's disease is told in this film. Kirana's (Maudy Koesnadi) attitude and memory have changed after she was diagnosed with the condition.

This also has an impact on their household life. Fedi must remain patient and take care of his wife, whom he loves with all his heart.

Maudy Koesnadi and Rano Karno are back in one film title

Famous actors Rano Karno and Maudy Kosnadi appeared in the film Pelangi Tanpa Warna. This isn't the first time they've been paired, you know, buddy. He has appeared with other actors in the 1994 RCTI soap Si Doel Anak Sekolahan.

The two of them returned to acting together in Si Doel Film (2018), Si Doel 2 Film (2019), and Si Doel's End of Love Story (2020).

Maudy Koesnadi's challenge

Maudy Koesnady explained about the difficulties his character had when he appeared in this film. As Kirana's character, she states that she does not have extensive information about the Alzheimer's condition.

“The problem was trying to be Kirana, and then I didn't receive a lot of knowledge about Alzheimer's, which is a different kind of Alzheimer's.

Even though I want to watch the film”, Maudy spoke at a press conference for the film Pelangi Tanpa Warna on Thursday when she gathered in the Duren Tiga area, South Jakarta.

Maudy Koesnaedi Was Annoyed

Maudy Koesnaedy was annoyed during filming, Maudy was filming a scene at that time. This sequence, in particular, is heartwarming.

This top Indonesian actress wants the shooting process to go fast in the midst of a pandemic like this. That was the thing that annoyed Maudy the most.

Those are some interesting facts related to the film Rainbow Without Color. Starting Thursday, 17 February 2022, you can watch the film in theaters.


Interesting alternative to the usual fare at the multiplex. Maudy Koesnadi and Rano Karno's newest film, entitled This has inflamed the Indonesian film industry. The narrative of Fedi's wife who has Alzheimer's disease is told in this film.

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