How to Maintain the Cleanliness of the School Environment – The following is how to maintain school cleanliness for the convenience of all of you in the school environment, both teachers and students. Let's see the article below.

Maintaining cleanliness is part of religion, or at least it is a way of life that you must apply in your daily life.

Maintaining cleanliness is something all religions emphasize, regardless of whether the focus is on the private environment or the cleanliness of communal spaces such as classrooms, homes or even schools.

Remember that you have been instilled in the value of cleanliness from a young age. And while you are at school, starting from playgroup or kindergarten, your teacher is also instructed to maintain personal hygiene and school cleanliness.

Come on! We talked about the importance of keeping the school environment clean, starting from who is responsible, how to do it, and the benefits it generates.

Maintaining the Cleanliness of the School Environment

If asked who is obliged to look after environmental Hygiene school, the answer is the whole community at school.

Cleaning the school isn't just the responsibility of the janitor, everyone has a role to play, from sweeping the halls to mowing the lawn to scrubbing the lobby floor.

Teachers, staff and students must all work together to keep the school environment clean. As you know, picketing in class, as you are aware, is an effective way to keep the school environment clean.

Your current class is part of the school environment. A clean classroom will make the teaching and learning atmosphere more enjoyable, and of course a clean school environment will make the school beautiful.

If your school is not kept clean, don't you feel uncomfortable?

School Dirty Place

So, where are the areas in the school that need to be kept clean and are the responsibility of everyone in the school?


Students often see the restroom as the cleanest place in school. How come? It is clear that the school janitor always cleans the bathroom every morning and even when he comes home from school, but students use the restroom indiscriminately.

Sometimes while urinating, the toilet may not flush properly or may not flush at all, which makes the bathroom smelly. Therefore, keep the bathroom clean!


It is important to keep the classroom clean. Why? You will feel more comfortable in class and be better able to concentrate on the material being taught if the classroom is kept clean. Homeroom instructors and students in the class are both responsible for keeping the classroom clean.

Cutting and not throwing trash around the classroom, as well as throwing garbage in the trash can in class or in front of the class door, is a good way to keep the class clean.

Area Around Trash

It goes without saying that the area around the trash can must be perfectly clean. Sometimes students or anyone in the school environment does not dispose of trash in its place.

Remotely throwing trash into the trash, not putting trash in its place, and not cleaning it up properly is a common occurrence around here.

So, throw garbage in the dustbin in the right way to keep the school clean.

Drains in Front of Class

The drains in front of the class must be kept clean of debris. Keeping the drains clean in front of the class helps prevent blockages, bad odors, and other water flow disturbances.

Many problems, such as overflowing water and flooding, will arise if the drains in front of the classroom are not kept clean. There is a lot of trash, and it smells bad.

The Benefits of Maintaining the Cleanliness of the School Environment

What are the advantages of keeping the school environment clean? Who will benefit?

Increase Learning Enthusiasm

Students benefit from a clean school environment because you feel more comfortable when you are there. Whether comfortable in the classroom or outside the classroom, teaching and learning activities become more focused and enjoyable when the classroom is clean.

Even when you are not in class, the neat appearance of the campus also adds to your enthusiasm to attend.

The School Environment Becomes Comfortable and Healthy

Keeping the school clean is seen as beneficial by instructors because it allows you to teach in a more comfortable atmosphere. With a well-maintained school environment, students and teaching staff can feel clean and well-nourished.

Preventing School Citizens from Sickness

The benefits of keeping the school clean are not only felt by the people in the school environment. On the other hand, the same feelings were reported by people living close to the school.

In order for local residents to feel safe and secure, it is important to keep the school and the environment around it clean. Dengue fever and malaria are not a concern for students or other people around the school during these conditions at school.

How to Teach Children to Maintain Cleanliness

Okay, now how to train students to be able to keep the school environment clean? Here's how to do it.

Get in the habit of children not throwing garbage carelessly

The most basic technique is to encourage children not to litter. The first step is:

Provide Trash

This is a piece of cake. So that your little one can keep the environment clean, provide a trash can nearby, such as at home, or maybe in his room. Children must also be taught to be responsible for disposing of trash at home or in your room in a landfill if the trash can is full.

Reduce Plastic Use

Plastic is a form of waste that is difficult to decompose. Plastic waste takes tens or hundreds of years to completely decompose in the environment. Paper waste and biological waste are examples of wet waste. To reduce our dependence on plastic, we can:

Examples from Mr and Mrs Teacher

Since you are called a "child", you will copy everything you see, even if it is wrong. This is due to the child's inability to distinguish between good and evil.

Adults, such as teachers and fathers, have an obligation to set a good example by disposing of trash in the right way and always maintaining personal hygiene.

Guide Children to Keep Classrooms and Toilets Clean

As a good teacher, you have to remind your students to always keep the classrooms and bathrooms clean. This is one way to instill concern for the cleanliness of the school yard in early childhood students.

Class cleaning schedule

The normal schedule for cleaning the classroom can be implemented, especially by asking the class to pick up the class before or after teaching and learning activities. Because a clean classroom is a good place to study, students will feel more comfortable and more interested in class activities.

Care for Toilets

In addition to cleaning the classrooms, school toilets must also be kept clean. The convenience of students using school toilets goes hand in hand with their cleanliness. As an added bonus, flushing the toilet after use teaches kids to be clean citizens.

Providing Media for Creativity

A wall that is scribbled on will produce a dirty and unpleasant image, but this is not the case if the wall is a form of expression for young people in the arts.

By building a separate wall, students will consider whether to scribble on the school walls elsewhere.

Green School Program

Keeping the environment clean and maintaining health are the goals of the green school program.

This program is intended to be able to have understanding, awareness, and integration of environmental values in all school members in order to build behavior and patterns of environmentally friendly school management to preserve the environment.

How to Start Maintaining the Cleanliness of the School Environment

Here's how to start keeping the school environment clean:

Environmental Beauty

To get started, all it takes is a school to create gardens that are both visually appealing and abundant in the environment. Teach your children to care for you and care for you.

Students can also plant aloe vera or other beneficial plants with your teacher's permission. Students can learn about different plant species while keeping the school environment cool and healthy.

Mutual Reminder Culture

The habit of reminding each other may seem small, but it is one of the most important techniques for keeping the school environment clean.

Remind each other if there are friends who litter or do other activities that can harm or even damage the school environment. By reminding each other will build personal awareness to maintain cleanliness.


That's the Cleanliness of the School Environment that you have to do daily therapy at school. It's a very tough task, but there are simple things you can do to instill a sense of concern for the cleanliness of the school yard in the minds of students and adult bodies.

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