Optimizing Health With The Following 5 Easy Ways

Optimizing Health With The Following 5 Easy Ways – The new year is attached to resolutions, including to return to living a healthy life. When evaluating last year's achievements, you may feel unwell due to irregular food consumption, minimal physical activity due to being at home with work from home rules.

Angela Wright Marshall, president and CEO of Comprehensive Women's Health, says she has patients who want to improve their health. However, other doctors usually ignore it because the patient does not have a chronic disease.

"One thing I've learned in practicing women's health over the years is that I can find recommendations for everyone to feel better now and look after their health for the future," Marshall said, quoted from Livestrong.

According to Marshall, the first thing to pay attention to is personal and family medical history. Check if your parents have heart disease, diabetes or if your siblings have been diagnosed with cancer early.

It doesn't mean you will have a similar disease like them but family history can be a window of risk for your health.

From here, the doctor can give the year of tests needed and develop a screening schedule. Because in a pandemic situation, the consultation should be done virtually and then the test.

  • Deal with stress

It sounds cliche, but Marshall believes that dealing with stress is really needed right now. Stress increases the level of epinephrine (adrenaline) and cortisol so that blood pressure increases.

Uncontrolled blood pressure can lead to strokes, heart attacks, heart failure, kidney disease and many other diseases.

How to reduce stress?

Marshall suggests identifying the source of stress. Sources of stress, for example bosses, work, unhealthy relationships, pushing yourself too hard, expectations are too high, then dive deeper. As you dig, let this process tell you what steps to take next.

Optimizing health also means prioritizing self-care. The things that threaten your happiness are just as important as those that threaten your physical health.

"Your ability to care for yourself and prioritize your own happiness affects the way you see and experience life and ultimately your experience of life," she says.

  • Add sports quota

At least you exercise for 150 minutes a week. Exercise can be filled with moderate cardio exercises such as walking, jogging or cycling. Then add strength training twice a week.

Strength training, for example by lifting weights which will increase endurance from now on until old age. Marshall said he has an aunt who is 94 years old and still does 50 push-ups a day.

  • Don't rely on delivery services

During the pandemic, people are required to cook at home. In addition, the food delivery system has also increased. This is because PSBB policies include limiting restaurant operating hours and limiting the number of customers on site.

Whatever you want, you can order it through application and it didn't take long for the food to arrive. This is dangerous because it can lead to food addiction,” said Marshall.

  • Build healthy friendships

For optimal health, you don't have to work with a doctor or nutrition consultant. Building a circle of friends or a healthy environment can also support your body's health goals.

Marshall recommends building a supportive network of either health-conscious friends or family members.

Simply put, if you want to exercise more often then find a partner who is also passionate about exercising.

“Find friends who are passionate about exercising and follow the momentum. Find a mentor so that you can create a healthy group,” he added.

Source : cnnindonesia.com

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