How to blow your own hair to make it last longer easily – As you all know, especially women, blowing hair is a must thing to do. But how how to blow hair yourself so that it lasts as long as in the salon?

Even though the price of blowing hair at a salon is quite cheap, what if you go to a salon to blow hair every day? The price that was cheap, could be spending your savings, you know.

So how do you blow your own hair at home? for those of you who are really curious, see the article below until it's finished.

What Is a Hair Blow

What Is a Hair Blow

Blow hair is the process of drying hair using a hair dryer or hair dryer to remove moisture from the hair after washing or washing.

Hair blowing can be done at a salon or you can also do it yourself at home using a hair dryer. Blow hair can give the appearance of hair that is more volume and shiny.

However, using a hair dryer that is too frequent and hot can damage your hair and make it drier and more prone to breakage.

Therefore, you should blow your hair wisely and avoid using a hair dryer that is too frequent and too hot.

Things You Need to Prepare for Hair Blow

So before you blow your hair, you need to prepare some important things to blow your hair.

Here are some things that need to be prepared to do a hair blow:

  1. Hair dryer or hairdryer
  2. Hair brush or comb
  3. Styling products, such as mousse or hairspray, to add volume and shape to your hair
  4. Hair protector or heat protectant spray to reduce damage to hair due to exposure to hair dryer heat
  5. Towel to dry hair before blowing hair
  6. Hairpins or clips to divide hair into sections when blowing hair
  7. Also make sure to prepare a safe and open place so that no accidents occur when blowing your hair. Don't forget to turn off the hair dryer after use and store it in a safe and dry place.

How to Blow Your Own Hair Without the Hassle

Below is a self-blowing method that you can do at home without the hassle, as follows:

1. Shampoo

How to Blow Your Own Hair Without the Hassle

Before doing a hair blow, washing is a mandatory ritual and should not be ignored. If you blow your hair with a dirty scalp, the dirt will stick to your scalp and can cause dandruff or other hair problems.

When washing your hair, it is recommended to use cold water when rinsing your hair. The goal is that the scalp is not too oily, because excess oil can make hair limp and smell bad.

From this it can be understood that the washing process cannot be ignored in the stages of how to blow your own hair. To get results like in a salon, you can't skip any steps because if you miss them, the results of a hair blow will be different.

2. Don't forget to use conditioner

After you finish washing your hair, don't forget to condition your hair so that your hair is more voluminous and smoother.

You can only use Conditioner at the bottom of your hair, it's not recommended to reach the scalp.

Because the scalp is a very sensitive skin, and if the conditioner is left on the scalp, dirt will settle.

You are also not allowed to use a lot of Conditioner, just use enough. You also have to choose the conditioner that is most suitable for your hair, don't choose carelessly.

If you choose the wrong conditioner, then your hair can become branched and dry too.

3. Serums

After using the conditioner, the next step is that you must use serum for your hair. The purpose of serum is to provide sufficient nutrition to your hair so that your hair becomes healthy, well cared for and shining.

Choose a water-based serum, not oil, so you don't overdo the oil on your scalp. Like conditioners, applying serum to your hair also doesn't need to get to the roots. Just apply it to the bottom of the hair to the ends.

The most important thing is to make sure your hair's vitamin needs are met.

4. Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo

For some of us who have very limp hair, it is advisable to use dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is a type of shampoo that does not need to be rinsed.

The way to use it is to spray dry shampoo on the scalp and smooth it gently.

After that, gently massage the scalp. Wait until the dry shampoo is completely absorbed into the scalp before proceeding to the next step.

5. Hairpins

Next, clip your hair, separate your hair into several parts. You should also use heat-resistant tongs.

Because when you blow your hair, the hair dryer you use will release hot steam, so if the tongs you use can't stand the heat, it will melt.

6. Hair dryer

In the process of using tongs, your hair must be thoroughly dried first with a hair dryer.

This is done so that the hair is not too wet when the blowing process begins. It is important to remember that when using a hair dryer, the hair must be dried evenly and no parts are left untouched and still wet.

Hair that is still wet but blows immediately can cause hair loss. Of course, you don't want your hair to fall out just because you blow it at home, do you?

7. Start Blowing

Start Blowing

When blowing your hair, you can use a round comb to make it easier. Remove one by one the hair sections that have previously been rolled and clamped, then blow the hair after it feels a bit dry.

The way to blow it can be done by gently using the round comb, roll your hair, and dry it again using a hairdryer.

Pull the roll of hair slowly with a hairdryer until the hair looks fluffy and hangs down.

The blowing process must be done carefully and slowly. Don't be in a hurry because the desired results will not be achieved if you are in a hurry.

Remember, after going through the washing and conditioning stages, you want maximum results from blowing your hair.

8. Remove the clamp that you use

After all the separate hair sections have been blown out, it's time to collect all the hair sections and tie them together. Once tied, roll it in the middle, then secure it again with heat-safe clothespins.

After being clamped, you must leave your hair for about 20-30 minutes, then you can remove it from the clamp.

9. Hairspray

If you have seen that the results of your blow are the way you want, you can spray hair spray on your hair which is useful for making your hair more voluminous.

Hair spray

Apart from that, your hair won't be as flexible anymore as a result of the blow.

If your hair is short, then spray Hair Spray just a little, while it's longer, use it according to the portion, don't overdo it.


Blow hair is the process of drying hair using a hair dryer or hair dryer to remove moisture from the hair after washing or washing.

That's information about how to blow your own hair so that it lasts longer easily, I hope the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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