How to Withdraw Traveloka Paylater 100% Safely – In this article we will discuss in full about how to withdraw legal Traveloka Paylater, for those of you who are curious you need to read the article below until it's finished.

Traveloka is a technology company that provides services that give users access to find and order various transportation, lifestyle, accommodation and financial services.

Complete products such as airplane tickets, trains, buses, car rentals, airport transportation services and various accommodation options including hotels, apartments, homestays, resorts, villas and guesthouses have made Traveloka one of the startups in Indonesia.

Traveloka Paylater is a facility provided Traveloka application which is also one of the product payment mode choices at Traveloka. The Traveloka Paylater feature is presented by Traveloka in collaboration with loan providers.

Traveloka Paylater can be used for almost all Traveloka products, except for some top-up invoice products such as game coupons, credit cards, installment loans, electronic money, credit and the internet. What you need to know is that not all Traveloka application users have this kind of feature.

Traveloka Paylater is only owned by users who apply for Paylater cards and of course have fulfilled the terms and conditions provided by Traveloka. Traveloka Paylater makes it easy for you to purchase accommodation tickets virtually because purchasing accommodation tickets can be made through online loans.

Traveloka Paylater was created as a way to buy Traveloka products which will be paid for at a later date. Do you think in a limit state Paylater balance You are still there so you think you can withdraw Traveloka Paylater balance instead of using it for free and how do you withdraw it?

Due to thoughts like the above, we will share information about this problem, namely how to attract Traveloka Paylater, see the complete information below.

Requirements to withdraw Traveloka PayLater Limit

As you all know, using a paylater can usually only be used to purchase goods, pay bills and cannot be disbursed into cash.

Even so, users can still withdraw paylater limits in other ways, such as for credit limits, users can also withdraw credit limits into DANA balances.

The limit withdrawal process can also be done through a gestun service, but you need to look for a safe and reliable gestun so that unwanted things don't happen, such as fraud.

To withdraw the traveloka paylater limit, you must meet the necessary conditions, as follows:

  1. The account name must be the same between Traveloka and the account name
  2. The nominal gesture cannot be more than the traveloka paylater limit
  3. Specifically for COD method users, the location or meeting point can be discussed with the gesture provider
  4. In addition, especially for users of the COD method, the disbursement limit can be higher than the bank transfer method

How to Apply for a Traveloka PayLater Credit Card

To use the Traveloka PayLater Card feature, applicants only need to prepare their KTP, without the need for documents and other requirements.

Other conditions are 21-70 years old, complete identity and closest contact details, have registered on the Traveloka application, have an active email and mobile number. The sequence of steps for applying for a Traveloka PayLater credit card is as follows:

  1. Previous users must already have an account on the Traveloka application.
  2. Open the Traveloka application, then select the PayLater menu on the home page.
  3. Users will see an explanation about paying with PayLater or Traveloka PayLater Card. Tap on the next button.
  4. Then, as a first step, tap the register now button to create a PayLater account.
  5. Complete the section with personal information such as email address, education, etc. Tap the save button and continue.
  6. Detailed information about family members.
  7. Then tap Save and continue.
  8. Complete the order information then tap the Save and Continue button.
  9. In the document filling step, users are only allowed to take a photo of their KTP.
  10. When finished, tap the Register button.
  11. Next is the verification stage carried out by the Traveloka team. Notification takes about 7 days.
  12. After the verification stage is complete, the Traveloka PayLater card application will be processed immediately.
  13. Furthermore, the Traveloka PayLater Card will be delivered to your home or office within 14 days.

How to Withdraw Traveloka Paylater

As we all know, Traveloka Paylater is not a cash loan. So if you want to cash out Traveloka Paylater, the method is of course not easy.

Actually there is a way to withdraw the Traveloka Paylater Limit through a third party or what is known as a gestun (swipe cash), however this method carries a lot of risks and this gestun is an illegal method or action.

Therefore, considering the risks that may occur, we recommend not using the gestun method to withdraw Traveloka Paylater limits.

Then how do you legally withdraw the Traveloka Paylater balance limit cash while Traveloka itself has issued an official statement that Traveloka Paylater cannot be cashed or withdrawn.

Knowing these conditions, we will share information on how to withdraw Traveloka Paylater by using Traveloka product purchases such as airplane tickets, trains, hotels and others.

Of course, many people need it from the product we mentioned and if we offer it at a low price, of course there will be more demand. To be clearer than the methods or tricks above, here's a full explanation:

  1. First, selling cheap tickets to relatives or friends who need tickets in the near future (flights, hotels, trains, etc.)
  2. Then the ticket needed is according to the price in the application, it would be better if it was offered cheaper
  3. If a friend or relative agrees, use your Traveloka Paylater limit to order the ticket that your friend or relative needs, then they will pay you in cash
  4. Traveloka Paylater withdrawal is complete
  5. Then you can pay the paylater installments at a later date.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Traveloka Paylater

Below this have summarized the advantages and disadvantages of using Traveloka Paylater, as follows:

Benefits of Using Traveloka Paylater

Here are some of the benefits we get from having and using Traveloka Paylater:

1. Flexible Payment

Flexible payments mean we can pay Limit paylater bills in installments or all at once, with one payment having a repayment period of 1-12 months, while installment payments have a repayment period of 2, 3, 6 or 12 months, plus interest up to 2,14% up to 5% per month.

2. Easier and Faster

Traveling has become easier and faster, which means we can travel when and where we want with Paylater. So we don't need to collect money long before starting the trip.

3. Registered and Supervised by OJK

Paylater is monitored and registered by OJK, so this is an official service, we don't need to worry about things that often happen with counterfeit services.

4. Can Borrow Anytime

The process is fast and can be borrowed at any time, because the paylater loan process is not limited by time, so you can apply for it at any time and of course with predetermined conditions, fasting only takes about an hour.

5. Can Borrow Again with a Higher Amount

Users who have used the Traveloka Paylater feature can also use this feature again with a larger amount.

Disadvantages of Using Traveloka PayLater

Apart from the advantages, of course there are also disadvantages of the PayLater Card. As far as the information we have provided, the disadvantage of using a PayLater card is only when it is conceded. Many Traveloka accounts for traveling group members were hacked to purchase lodging tickets via PayLater.

Well, cases like that are very detrimental to account holders. Even if you don't buy a ticket, you still have to pay the bill.

Traveloka doesn't stay silent either. Apart from the login verification feature for added security, Traveloka will continue to improve the security of its user accounts in the future.

Some Gestun Traveloka Paylater Risks

There are many online Gestun Traveloka services that offer fast payments. Before using, try to read some of the risks:

  1. Based on Bank Indonesia Regulation No. 11/11/PBI/2009, Article 8(2) which states that “cash swipe is included in the meaning of “detrimental action”. This means that if you practice gestun traveloka paylater or something else, you are breaking the law because Traveloka PayLater is a payment option for purchasing Traveloka products. PayLater limits cannot be revoked.
  2. High administration fees or payment deductions, because this procedure also carries risks. So if the limit is 2 million, it's not necessarily a full 2 ​​million. You can get half of it but your bill is still huge. This is of course very detrimental
  3. The owner of the gestun service will request access to the Traveloka account. This access allows the gestun agent to retrieve your personal information and your debit/credit card registered at Traveloka. Gestun agents can use your personal information and card information for other purposes. There is a possibility of abuse by Gestu agents.


Still looking for a way to withdraw the Traveloka paylater even though you already know the risks? You better not do anything illegal. Remember that your data is more important, especially when it is misused. There are other legal ways to get cash from Traveloka Paylater according to what we have stated above.

Tips to Avoid Fraud Gestun Services

Below we have summarized the tips that you need to pay attention to in order to avoid fraudulent gesture services, including:

1. Pay attention to Fees and Rates

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the admin fee and the rate (nominal disbursement) offered. If the gestun service provides a cheap admin fee with a very high disbursement nominal, then you can be sure that the gestun service is a fraud.

2. View Testimonials

If all the testimonies are positive, then there is a high probability that the gesture service is safe. But on the contrary, if the results of the testimonials are on average bad or problematic, then don't try to use the gesture service.

3. Not Requesting Personal Information

The last thing to note is not to ask for personal data information. Safe and reliable Gestun will not ask for personal data or information such as NIK, PIN or security code.

If the gestun service you use asks for personal data information, then it is possible that he is a fraud.

FAQs Regarding Traveloka Paylater

The following are questions about traveloka paylater, see the answers below:

1. Can Traveloka PayLater be used for online shopping?

PayLater Virtual Number is the newest feature that can be used as an alternative to online shopping and is very easy to use. This feature provides convenience and security when making online transactions using a unique 16-digit virtual card number.

2. Is Traveloka PayLater Able to Buy Credit?

Especially if you need a loan as soon as possible, you can use the Paylater feature provided by the Traveloka application so you can get the loan you need and pay for it later.

3. How much is the Initial Traveloka PayLater Limit?

Traveloka Paylater limits range from IDR 2,000,000 to IDR 10,000,000 per account. Traveloka Paylater does not charge an annual fee. The range of tariffs offered is flexible, from 1 to 12 months with a minimum payment of IDR 100,000 per month.


From our discussion above, it can be concluded that even though the method or trick above will take a long time because you are looking for friends or relatives who need tickets, you can be sure that this method is legal and does not violate the law.

So there is no need to use the gestun method or any third party to withdraw Traveloka Paylater because this is an illegal method.

This is a discussion on how to attract Traveloka Paylater that you can share, hopefully it will be useful and also helpful and provide a little insight for the readers of this article.

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