What is the minimum balance for bank accounts BRI, BTN, BCA, and so on

Rancakmedia.com – For those of you who want to try to save at a bank, you need to know the minimum balance for bank accounts BRI, BTN, BCA and so on from the articles we provide below.

Customers who wish to create a savings account at a bank must pay attention to the required minimum balance. Understandably, the minimum balance for each savings program is different for each bank.

Each bank has its own policy in determining the required minimum balance.

Bank Mandiri Minimum Balance

It is possible that within the same bank, the minimum balance requirements for various savings and deposit banks differ.

Some banks use a minimum balance as a fee for closing an inactive savings account. Account savings at other banks remain active by maintaining a minimum balance.

List of Minimum Bank Account Balances

The following is the minimum balance for many banks, as reported by the official website of each bank, for evaluating savings programs.

RancakMedia will provide details of basic balances from BRI, BNI, BTN, BCA, Bank Mega and Bank Permata, which are as follows:

Bank Mandiri Minimum Balance

  1. Mandiri Rupiah Savings: 100,000 rupiah
  2. Mandiri Savings Now: 10,000 rupiah
  3. Mandiri Payroll Savings: 10,000 rupiah
  4. TKI Mandiri Savings: 10,000 rupiah
  5. Mandiri Savings minimum balance: 20,000 rupiah
  6. Business Partner Savings: 1,000,000 rupiah
  7. SiMakmur Savings: –
  8. Student Savings Account: 5,000 rupiah

BRI Minimum Balance BRI Minimum Balance

BRI Minimum Balance

  1. Simpedes: 50,000 rupiah
  2. Britama: 50,000 rupiah
  3. Britama Junior: 50,000 rupiah
  4. Britama Business: 50,000 rupiah

BNI minimum balance

  1. BNI Taplus: 150,000 rupiah
  2. BNI Taplus Bisnis: Average per month 1,000,000 rupiah (for admin fees)
  3. BNI Taplus Muda: 50,000 rupiah

BTN Minimum Balance

  1. BTN Batara: 50,000 rupiah
  2. BTN Junior: 20,000 rupiah
  3. BTN Investa: 100,000 rupiah
  4. BTN Careful: –
  5. BTN eBataraPos: 20,000 rupiah
  6. BTN Champion: 50,000 rupiah
  7. 50,000 rupiah for the BTN Champion

BCA Minimum Balance

  1. Minimum balance on Tahapan BCA: 50,000 rupiah
  2. Minimum balance of Futures Stages: 50,000 rupiah
  3. Minimum balance of Tahapan Gold: 50,000 rupiah
  4. The minimum balance for Tahapan Xpresi: 10,000 rupiah
  5. My Savings minimum balance: 20,000 rupiah
  6. Minimum balance of Student Savings: 5,000 rupiah
  7. Minimum balance for Tapres BCA: 5,000,000 rupiah
  8. Minimum BCA Dollar balance: 100 USD
  9. BCA Syariah minimum balance: 100,000 rupiah

Mega Bank Minimum Balance

  1. My Savings: 20,000 rupiah
  2. Mega Plan: 100,000 rupiah
  3. Mega Fund: 100,000 rupiah
  4. Mega Prime: 500,000 rupiah
  5. Mega Sharing: 500,000 rupiah
  6. Mega Maxi: 1,000,000 rupiah
  7. Mega Ultima: 1,000,000 rupiah
  8. Mega Forex: 100 US dollars

List of Minimum Bank Account Balances

Permata Bank Minimum Balance

  1. PermataBintang: 50,000 rupiah
  2. PermataMe: –
  3. Free Savings Gems: 100,000 rupiah

That's a minimum balance of BRI, BNI, BTN, BCA, Bank Mega and Bank Permata. Hopefully this information is useful for those of you who are considering opening a savings account at one of the banks listed above.


Below we have summarized some frequently asked questions about ATM balances, as follows:

Is it possible to have a balance in AM of 0 Rupiah?

If your account balance is 0 during a certain month period, your account can be closed. The terms and conditions are for the TPR, Gold, Xpresi, My Savings, and BCA Dollar accounts.

The BCA system will close if the balance is 0 for 6 consecutive months.


In the above article we have provided a list bank as well as the minimum balance that must exist, namely BRI, BNI, BTN, BCA, Bank Mega and Bank Permata.

Thus the article about This is the Minimum Balance of BRI, BTN, BCA and Other Banks. Hopefully the above article can be helpful and useful for all of you.

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