How to Calculate Complete Car Tax with the Formula - You need to know how to calculate car tax complete with the formula, which you can do only by using the formula below.

Some mandatory costs that must be prepared and paid before obtaining a vehicle in the form of a car. One of them is the annual tax.

However, the fees charged will vary according to the PKB period and each region. Then, if the owner has to pay progressive taxes is also a factor.

How to Calculate Car Tax

In comparison, the first-time vehicle tax payment will be larger than future tax payments because some components are only included in the first-time vehicle tax payment.

These components are the cost of changing the name, the cost of making a motor vehicle number and the cost of issuing a motor vehicle number certificate.

How to calculate vehicle tax for the first time is to add up the costs of transferring rights to motor vehicles (BBN KB), Motor Vehicle Tax (PKB), and Compulsory Traffic Accident Fund Contributions (SWDKLLJ).

Then there are costs associated with the issuance of Motor Vehicle Numbers and validation and issuance vehicle registration.

How to Calculate Car Tax

The formula for calculating car tax is BBNKB + PKB + SWDKLLJ + TNKB administration fees + STNK administration fees.

For details of the costs, BNBKB is 10 percent of the price of the car, PKB is 2 percent from NJKB, SWDKLLJ is worth 143,000 rupiah, TNKB administration costs are 100,000 rupiah and administration fees for STNK issuers are 250,000 rupiah.

After that, the next tax will be easy because it is enough to calculate the BBNKB, STNK and TNKB as follows:

  1. SWDKLLJ: 143,000 rupiah
  2. PKB: 2 percent of the selling price of the car
  3. Administration fee: 50,000 rupiah

Considering that car prices decrease every year, ideally the value of the PKB tax will decrease over time.


Therefore, the PKB for vehicles that have only been used for two years and cars that have been used for more than five years will be different, even though the percentage is still 2 percent.

That's how the car tax is calculated from the first year and the following year. On the tax every five years, you must add the cost of issuing a new STNK and TNKB to extend the validity period.

By learning how to calculate car tax, you can prepare some money from home before traveling to the nearest Samsat.

Also, remember to pay your taxes on time to avoid the 25% annual penalty for paying them late.


Below we have summarized some frequently asked questions about car taxes, as follows:

How much is the private car tax?

The annual tax for cars has several costs in it, namely like the PKB: 2% selling price of the car (NJKB) BBN KB:10% selling price of the car. SWDKLLJ (Compulsory Traffic Accident Fund Donation) of IDR 143,000.


Thus the article on How to Calculate Complete Car Tax with the Formula, we hope that after reading the article above it can be helpful and useful for all of you in calculating car tax.

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